All the rubber gloves were qualified in Guangzhou quality inspection

Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision has carried out supervision and spot check on the quality of rubber gloves in the production field. A total of 4 batches of products produced by 4 enterprises have been spot checked. After inspection, all products meet the requirements of the standard

according to Hg / t2584-2010 rubber industrial gloves, Hg / t2888-2010 rubber household gloves and GB 10213-2006 disposable medical rubber inspection gloves, the appearance defects, specifications, tensile load, pinholes, permeability resistance and marks were inspected

the quality supervision department reminds that if perforation, water leakage and other phenomena are found when using rubber gloves, new gloves should be replaced immediately. When you buy, you should buy rubber gloves of suitable model and use. At the same time, it is the best choice to go to stores with good reputation, famous brand products or products with complete packaging and signs

2013 Guangzhou rubber gloves product quality supervision spot check qualified products and enterprise list

nominal manufacturer product name trademark size specification production date / batch number comprehensive judgment Guangzhou Guangxiang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. Shuangyi latex factory Rongli household gloves Shuangyi large 2013-01 qualified Guangzhou Tongli daily necessities Co., Ltd. Rongli cleaning gloves household M code 2012-12-20 Yuelong l2012-12-16 pure rubber industrial gloves of Shanghai Chengjun rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch were qualified, and butyl nylon lined industrial gloves D medium of Guangzhou Shuangyi rubber products Co., Ltd. were qualified on January 10, 2013

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