All the ski helmets worn by the Winter Olympic champions are made in Ningbo

the 16 day winter Olympic Games in Sochi came to an end the day before yesterday. The employees of Ningbo Tianqi Technology Co., Ltd. paid special attention to this year’s Winter Olympic Games, because their sports helmets were worn on the heads of many athletes

“roughly, at least six of the champions in the Sochi Winter Olympics wore ski helmets made by us.” Yesterday, ye Yunle, deputy director of Ningbo Tianqi Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview. Such as freestyle skiing women’s steeplechase championship, Canadian 19-year-old jovier, in the snowboarding men’s u-pool competition won the Swiss player podra de Chekov and so on

each hat

has to go through 50 anti-collision tests

Tianqi is a manufacturer of sports safety helmets, whose boss is Taiwanese. 1t also produced this in Taiwan before, and then bought land in Ningbo to open this enterprise

at present, the annual output of sports caps is 5 million, the domestic output is second only to one enterprise in Guangdong, with an annual output value of more than 500 million yuan. Basically, all famous sports brands in Europe and America can find production lines here, and most of these brands are sponsors of the athletes of Sochi Winter Olympics

“excellent quality is the reason why Tianqi has always been favored by foreign manufacturers. The sports helmets produced by Tianqi are not only used in skiing, but also in cycling, roller skating and other sports. ” Wang Hanliang, technical director of Tianqi Technology Co., Ltd

Wang Hanliang said that enterprises need to pass the inspection to test the anti-collision performance of sports helmets. The sampling proportion is one of 1000 helmets. Basically, tens of thousands of helmets are tested every year, and each hat has to pass at least 50 anti-collision tests

there are many specific items to be tested, such as a hat falling from a high place to a smooth steel plate, hitting a stone or hitting a triangular object. At the same time, a hat also needs to test its anti-collision ability at all points

“at present, our hats fully meet the European and American standards. 1n addition, last year, we purposely replaced oil-based paint with water-based paint. Although the cost is three times that before, there is no peculiar smell in the factory.” Added ye Yunle, deputy director of Ningbo Tianqi Technology Co., Ltd

in addition to ensuring safety and meeting the environmental protection standards, ye Yunle said that the company currently employs more than 100 designers in Switzerland, the United States, Australia and other parts of the world, and the new products are guaranteed to be updated once a year, which also catches old customers and attracts new customers

Tianqi’s sports helmet

why is it so anti-collision

why is Tianqi’s sports helmet so anti-collision? Wang Hanliang explained that we should first talk about its structure: the structure is divided into three parts, the outermost part is generally made of ABS and PC plastic, which is usually called good-looking appearance; The inside layer is a styrofoam absorbing layer, and the Yi band is used to prevent the helmet from falling off

among the three parts, the styrofoam absorbing layer is the essence, which is styrofoam in essence, but it is made of multi-layer styrofoam high-pressure pressing, and its shock absorption capacity is several times that of ordinary styrofoam, which is used to absorb impact and mitigate the impact on the head

, polyfoam, is a kind of polymer material formed by a large number of gas micropores dispersed in solid plastics. 1t has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption and shock absorption, and its dielectric property is better than that of matrix resin. Br / >
the sports helmet for skiing has another part to cover the ears for antifreeze; The sports helmet used for cycling or wheel mixing will have more air holes and air passages for ventilation

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