Almost scalded without heat insulation clothes

The accident process

a steam injection station is injecting steam into a well. When the duty officer Li inspected the steam injection wellhead, he found that there was serious steam leakage in the compensator clip at the wellhead, so he reported it to the station master on duty, who decided to stop the boiler immediately, and asked Xiao Li to return to the wellhead after wearing heat insulation clothes, and then close the wellhead production valve after stopping the boiler. Because the distance between the wellhead and the steam injection station is far away, Li thinks that the wellhead pressure will drop after the shutdown, and it will be ok if he does not wear heat insulation clothes, so he did not go back to change the heat insulation clothes

more than ten minutes later, after receiving the well shut in instruction, it was found that the wellhead steam leakage was significantly reduced, so he went to close the production valve. Just when it was about to be completely closed, suddenly a stream of steam burst out, Li reacted quickly and jumped to the side to escape. The original outlet was closed, and the pressure rose, causing the residual steam in the pipeline to prick out, and Li’s arm was almost swept by the steam

accident analysis

if Li didn’t react quickly and jump away in time, he would be swept by the steam. But if he had put on his thermal suit, even if he was swept by the steam, 1 don’t think it would have happened much. This incident is a fluke for him, but if he takes a fluke every time, only once; Unfortunately, you will regret your whole life, and even have no chance to regret

lessons from accidents

wearing labor protection articles according to regulations is one of the necessary measures to ensure the safety of workers. Many casualties are caused by not wearing or not wearing labor protection articles correctly

in this incident, Li didn’t follow the arrangement of the team leader and decided not to wear heat insulation protective clothing for high temperature operation without authorization, which resulted in serious violation of rules and almost casualties

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