American clothing company launched a series of environment-friendly wear-resistant work clothes

Patagonia, an American clothing company, has launched a range of eco-friendly work clothes, which are blended with industrial linen, recycled polyester and organic cotton, and are 25% more durable than traditional cotton and canvas. This kind of work clothes uses less harmful substances and can withstand the strict requirements of the workplace

ed Auman, director of work clothes business in Patagonia, said: “our work clothes production line is set up to meet the needs of the environmental protection program being implemented. 1t redefines what is real progress. We have always been committed to protecting the environment, and we have a forward-looking investment in organic renewable agriculture “

made from Patagonian overalls canvas, which is mixed with 55% industrial linen, 27% recycled polyester and 18% organic cotton. 1ndustrial flax is a kind of very durable fiber, which is usually used to make cables, sails and other products. Patagonia’s innovative long tough fiber around the core of the hemp stem is 25% more durable than traditional cotton. Hemp fiber can provide toughness and wear resistance, adding polyester and cotton to ensure softness. These blended fibers can produce soft fabrics

in addition to the canvas style, the workwear series also offers clothes made of seven durable materials, including comfortable and practical synthetic materials and natural fibers, which can provide warmth and protection

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