American scientists invent new fibers

according to the associated press, scientists at the Massachusetts 1nstitute of technology have invented a new textile fabric (fiber) that can listen and speak

according to Joel finko, a professor of materials science at M1T who led the research team, the team has made new progress in functional fibers, that is, they can find and make noises. At present, the invention of Professor finko’s research team has been published in the American Journal of natural materials. They transform the passivity of textiles into “singing and dancing” textiles. People at M1T said that the application of the material involves fibers sensitive to micro sound, which can be used to capture people’s speech and track the function of human limbs. The tiny filaments can even measure the blood flow of the human body. 1t is understood that this project has a 10-year research history, and the purpose is to develop more complex fiber properties, so that the fiber can better interact with the surrounding environment

by Li Zongze

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