American spinning company obtains the first global recycling certification

fildiusa, a North American manufacturer of recycled cotton yarn, announced that ECOTEC, the company’s recycled cotton blended yarn, has obtained the certificate issued by the global recycling standards (GRS) control alliance

the global environmental protection standard certifies the recycled ingredients, sustainable development and social responsibility of a kind of yarn in the production process. Fildi is the first yarn company recognized by a famous organization in the United States

Steven usdan, President of fildiusa, said they are proud that the company’s products and processes meet the highest standards. With this important certification, they can assure consumers that when consumers use ECOTEC yarn, they will have a certain impact on the world they live in from all aspects. To date, eco conscious companies such as whole foods and Rachel Roy have used ECOTEC yarns to produce textiles

ECOTEC recycled cotton blended yarn uses new, consumer ready cotton textile waste materials. 1f these materials are not used, they will be sent to the landfill. Fildi collects these pieces from the cutting activities, classifies them by color, reprocesses them, mixes them, and spins them into yarn

in this way, the waste in the landfill is eradicated. 1n addition, as the cotton pieces have been dyed, ECOTEC yarn does not need to be dyed again. Therefore, water is saved and environmental pollution is reduced. Reusing cotton pieces also helps to save land, water and pesticides, which are needed in the process of growing new cotton

Eustace said that this high quality ECOTEC recycled cotton blended yarn has been produced in fildi for more than ten years. So far, many advantages of this recycled yarn have attracted consumers and producers. Therefore, ECOTEC yarn will be more popular in the market with high quality, economic cost and even the only GRS certificate

ECOTEC yarn includes complete specifications, complete colors, count and blending ratio. 1n addition, the company said that if the production of bright, durable knitted, woven fabrics, used in the production of clothing, household textiles and a variety of other products, this kind of recycled yarn is the best choice

in addition to the GRS certificate, ECOTEC yarns have passed Oeko tex Standard 100 certification, which means that they do not contain more than 100 substances harmful to human health

Author: Cao Haihong

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