An expired helmet

1n the second shift room of the Fourth Laboratory of Guangzhou Petrochemical inspection center, there is a yellow expired safety helmet, which is particularly eye-catching. 1n particular, there is an obvious dent on the left side in front of the safety helmet, which is even more shocking

the owner of this safety helmet is Lu Shaolong, the monitor of the team. Because this safety helmet once “saved” his life, he was not willing to hand it in even if it expired. 1nstead, he kept it as the safety “heirloom” of the team

it turned out that Lu Shaolong went to the site to test the explosion after receiving the detection task during the shutdown and maintenance of the third polypropylene plant in 2016. Just as he was concentrating on his work, an iron bar fell from the sky and hit him on the head. Fortunately, the standard safety helmet blocked the “stick”

since then, the safety helmet has become a “living teaching material” for the safety education of the team. Every safety class, Lu Shaolong always put this expired helmet in the middle of the table before he began to learn

“this special helmet reminds us to always remember the safety string. Safety can’t take chances at any time!” Class member Zeng Yifeng said with deep feeling

“with this” living teaching material “, the team’s safety learning is particularly solid and effective, and the staff’s safety awareness and ability to find potential safety hazards are relatively strong.” Shi Yongkai, HSE director of the center, introduced

in April this year, Zhong Yindi, an employee of the team, heard the abnormal noise of the pipeline on the way to test the explosion of No.1 polypropylene plant. As a “meddler”, she took the initiative to detect the concentration of combustible gas around for the first time, and finally found that there was a leakage of combustible gas in the pipeline, so she informed the plant personnel in time to deal with it, thus avoiding a possible safety accident

at 19:05 on Septembe4, the team received a notice from the dispatcher that there was a pipeline leakage and fire in the third polypropylene plant, and the branch company started the level B emergency plan. Lu Shaolong and Ou Renchang quickly put on the air inhaler, picked up the sampling tools and analytical instruments, and arrived at the installation site within 5 minutes. After that, although it was only an emergency drill organized by the company, the rapid response ability of the team members was praised by the relevant units

from January to September this year, Lu Shaolong led the team members to carefully find the hidden dangers around them. Among them, more than 30 hidden dangers rectification were awarded by the security fund of the center, and the number of hidden dangers discovered and rectified ranked first in the team of the inspection center(Huang Minqing, Li kongxian)

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