an interview with Heze City, Shandong Province on the Longyun coal mine accident

On November 18, according to the “implementation measures for safety production interview of the State Council Safety Committee (Trial)”, the State Council safety committee office conducted safety production interview with Heze Municipal People’s government, relevant departments and coal mining enterprises in Shandong Province. GU1 Laibao, deputy director of the State Administration of coal mine safety, made an interview on behalf of the office of the Safety Commission of the State Council. Responsible persons of relevant departments and bureaus of the emergency management department and the State Administration of coal mine safety attended the interview

on October 20 this year, a major rock burst accident occurred in Longyun Coal 1ndustry Co., Ltd. of Shandong energy Longkou Mining Group, resulting in 21 deaths and 1 injury. After the accident, the safety committee of the State Council decided to supervise the investigation and handling of the accident, and the office of the safety committee of the State Council issued a notice of the accident. At present, the accident investigation is being carried out in accordance with the law and procedures< According to the interview, this accident is the second major accident in China's coal mines this year, with heavy losses and profound lessons. Preliminary analysis shows that there are some problems in rock burst prevention, roadway roof separation monitoring, rock burst monitoring and early warning, labor organization in rock burst dangerous area, safety protection, site management, etc. At the same time, it also reflects that the local government and enterprises are not aware of the red line of safety production, and there are gaps in safety risk prevention and control, major disaster management, roadway layout and support< The interview stressed that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the accident, and the central leading comrades made important instructions and put forward strict requirements for the emergency rescue, aftermath treatment, investigation and accountability, and prevention and control of major disasters in coal mines. Shandong Province and Heze City should thoroughly implement the spirit of the important instructions and instructions of the central leading comrades, deeply learn from the accident lessons, clearly understand the outstanding problems existing in coal mine safety production and the severe and complex situation faced, further enhance the red line awareness and bottom line thinking, draw inferences from one instance, and take decisive measures to resolutely curb major coal mine accidents< According to the interview requirements, Shandong Province and Heze City should implement the "Regulations on safety production responsibility system for local party and government leading cadres", conscientiously implement the leadership responsibility of local Party committees and governments and the supervision and supervision responsibility of departments, improve the joint law enforcement mechanism, strengthen law enforcement, and strictly investigate violations of laws and regulations by coal mining enterprises; 1t is necessary to urge coal mining enterprises to carry out rock burst tendency identification and evaluation according to regulations; 1t is necessary to carry out safety "physical examination" for all rock burst mines in the whole province, strengthen the elimination and withdrawal, stop the mines that can not ensure safe production, and close the mines that are difficult to control with existing technology according to law; 1t is necessary to investigate and deal with the accident in accordance with the law and regulations, thoroughly find out the cause and nature of the accident, put forward targeted accident prevention measures, seriously investigate the responsibility, and timely announce the handling results to the public; 1t is necessary to strengthen the accident warning education, establish the coal mine safety warning education day, improve the accident reflection mechanism, and promote the stable and good situation of coal mine safety production

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