analysis: fashion and branding of work clothes customization

Fashion of work clothes

here, first of all, 1 want to talk about a “standard line” problem of fashion of work clothes, that is, a balance problem of the combination of work clothes and “fashion”. Some work clothes designers like to keep pace with the times, close to fashion to show the special work clothes with other manufacturers, and use differentiation to win the favor of customers. But the characteristics of work clothes decide that it can’t be confused with fashionable clothes. Work clothes usually give you a big frame, you can’t break through it. But the rest clothes are different. They can be designed randomly. As long as the designer thinks, the consumers dare to buy them

the factor of “fashion” must be considered in the design process of work clothes, but it is too far fetched to excessively and unrealistically glue fashion and work clothes together. As far as the nature of work clothes is concerned, work clothes should still focus on function, and durability is the basic element of work clothes. For example, the basic requirements of anti-static clothing are anti-static and anti dust, generally do not need color matching, can occasionally add signs to distinguish positions, for anti-static clothing, single color can reflect its professionalism. Fabric can not be made of polyester and other chemical fibers, can be made of the following. Anti static cloth also can not be called wool towel or become non-static cloth, anti-static cloth as the name suggests has a good ability to absorb static electricity, and persistence, the effect is remarkable. 1ts fabric features soft and not rigid, clear lines and not messy. This kind of cloth in the production of anti-static clothing, do not need to specially modify the process, processing, anti-static clothing is mainly used in medical and health enterprises, food and pharmaceutical enterprises, aerospace, military industry, electronic industry and other precision instrument industry enterprises

as the work clothes are collective clothes, which are worn at work, the color of the work clothes should not be too bright and the style should not be too publicity. Because it is winter, so its fabric should be based on warm textiles. Ordinary work clothes are made of wool or cotton, which is the best fabric in the East and West, because the air permeability of the porous cotton is better, especially the puffy and porous cotton, which has better heat preservation. The color of fabric also has a certain correlation with heat preservation. The heat preservation of dark fabric is better than that of light fabric. Therefore, it is recommended to choose dark color, loose style and cotton and wool based fabric for winter work clothes

the customization of work clothes must choose branding

brand is not only the image display of an enterprise, but also the soul of an enterprise. At present, work clothes have developed from OEM and OEM to independent brand. This is an inevitable trend. 1t has to be said that it is the power of brand that makes the quality and quality of clothing meet the most stringent high standards. 1t is also the power of brand that makes the enterprise recognized by the market and the majority of customers. There is still a long way to go in the future. The trend of tooling customization industry is also a problem that the author and the audience must think about

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