Analysis of current situation of occupational diseases and preventive measures

With the rapid development of China’s economy, people are gradually moving towards a well-off life, but at the same time, the labor protection is weak, and the accumulated occupational disease hidden danger has entered a high incidence period and a period of prominent contradictions(EHS. CN)

since 2009, Zhang Haichao, a migrant worker in Henan Province, has been paying close attention to the difficulties in diagnosis, identification, supervision, compensation and rights protection of occupational diseases

today, with the comprehensive implementation of the scientific outlook on development and the construction of a harmonious society, we must attach great importance to occupational safety and health. At present, due to the backward technology and ability of occupational disease prevention and control, the transfer of toxic and harmful types of work and processes, the lax audit of preventive work, the lack of attention to occupational disease prevention and control in some areas, and the weak self-protection awareness of workers, the current situation of more workplaces with occupational hazards, involving a wide range and more patients with occupational diseases has gradually formed< Among the occupational disease patients, pneumoconiosis is the most common. The survey shows that pneumoconiosis is transferring from state-owned enterprises to township and private enterprises, and from workers of state-owned enterprises to migrant workers. However, the current social security mechanism has not effectively covered the migrant workers... Obviously, under the existing conditions, it is still a long way to go to completely curb the harm of occupational diseases first, gradually improve the relevant legal system of occupational disease rights, so that the rights and interests of workers can be protected under the concern of the whole society, which is the urgent requirement of building a harmonious labor relationship and promoting the construction of a harmonious society< Second, the government regulatory department should fully straighten out the current supervision system of occupational health in workplaces, conscientiously carry out daily supervision and law enforcement, strictly control the market access threshold, pre evaluation of occupational hazards and "three Simultaneities" review of pre start enterprises, and conduct knowledge training for relevant persons in charge of enterprises from time to time, Assist the employer to carry out occupational health education and training, and have the right to put forward opinions and suggestions on the prevention and control of occupational diseases< Thirdly, we should invest sufficient funds to rectify all kinds of scientific research institutions at all levels and improve the technical level of occupational hazard prevention and control< Fourth, all enterprises should implement the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of occupational diseases in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations. They should always bear in mind that the employer is the first person responsible for the prevention and control of occupational diseases. They should learn about the prevention and control of occupational diseases, enhance workers' awareness of protection, equip them with protective equipment for occupational diseases, and report the hidden dangers of occupational hazards in time< Fifth, workers should learn and master the relevant occupational health knowledge, enhance the awareness of occupational disease prevention, abide by the laws, regulations, rules and operating procedures of occupational disease prevention and control, correctly use and maintain the occupational disease prevention equipment and personal occupational disease prevention articles, and report the hidden dangers of occupational disease hazards in a timely manner< Over the years, the party and the government have attached great importance to occupational safety and health, and the situation of occupational safety and health in China has made fundamental progress" All things in the world are precious to man. " Health is the common goal of human beings. To be well-off, we need to be healthy. The occupational health of workers is the basic factor for the survival and development of enterprises and society. To ensure the health and safety of all workers, including migrant workers, is related to the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises and the country, but also to the harmony and stability of society workers are not only the creators of social wealth, but also the beneficiaries of balanced social and economic development. We believe that as long as we truly implement the scientific outlook on development and firmly establish the people-oriented concept, the high incidence of occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis in some areas and industries will be fundamentally improved China labor insurance net

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