Analysis of purchasing channels of labor protection products industry

in the labor protection products industry, especially for some small traders who have just entered the labor protection products industry, how should they purchase? 1n fact, there are only two kinds of purchasing channels in the labor protection products industry:

the first one is to find a local large and powerful distributor, whose common products in the labor protection products industry are in stock, and their sales volume is also large, and they are engaged in wholesale services. The advantage of looking for a local and powerful labor protection products company is that you can save trouble, Most of the labor protection products can be purchased, and there is no need to go everywhere. After all, the disadvantage is that it is not produced by itself, and it also needs to earn a price difference. Another reason is that everyone works in the local surrounding market and has a certain competitive relationship. You are obviously at a disadvantage

the second way is to find the price of different products in the country. This way is in line with the long-term operation of purchasing labor protection products, and can get a better price. 1t can stagger the homogeneity of local products, resulting in vicious competition. The disadvantage is that it is not local and does not understand the integrity of the factory

to sum up, you need to consider your own situation and tailor your hair style to suit your own development

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