Analysis of the great changes of work clothes in the two centuries

Work clothes, which appear in all walks of life, 1 believe no one will be unfamiliar with this word. You may wear the work clothes given by companies or enterprises. 1f they are not tailor-made work clothes, 1 believe some people will feel that they do not fit very well. What are the differences between the present work clothes and the traditional work clothes

in the 21st century, the general consumption level of the public is constantly rising, and the traditional old-fashioned work clothes can no longer meet the needs of workers. After all, everyone has a love for beauty. With the rapid development of mainstream clothing, many garment manufacturers are competing to research and develop the trend of mainstream clothing, and constantly improve the production technology of garment factories, which makes the competitive pressure of the clothing market suddenly increase

in addition, in our impression, the clothing of workers in the 1980s and 1990s often gives us the impression of “rustic”, especially the feeling of friends working in the workshop is “dirty”, and the overall feeling is uncomfortable! Now it is 2014, and many manufacturers of work clothes have made great improvements in the fabric, price, style, technology and other aspects of work clothes customization. The work clothes customization industry has entered a period of rapid development

in order to deeply understand the difference between modern work clothes and traditional work clothes, let me make a detailed comparison for you

1. Fabric comparison: 1 believe many friends have suffered losses, and the bought work clothes begin to wrinkle, deform, shrink and decolorize after several times. This is the reason why traditional work clothes choose cheap and rough fabrics, and even have irritating effects on their own skin

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