analysis of tooling design four advantages of professional clothing customization

1n modern society, it is the ideal goal of many companies and enterprises to require all employees of the unit to wear work clothes. There are at least four advantages for business personnel to wear uniform work clothes at work:

first, to reflect the professional characteristics

for the needs of work, different occupations often need work clothes with different characteristics. They are different from military uniform, police uniform, railway uniform, seaman uniform, flight attendant uniform, postal uniform, industrial and commercial uniform and tax uniform. The uniforms worn by business personnel engaged in different types of business activities are usually different. They not only adapt to their own specific nature of work, but also have the common basic characteristics of business personnel< Second, it shows the difference of rank in the work position, the specific division of labor of business personnel is often different, which is reflected in the work. Even in the same unit, personnel of different departments, levels and positions can be distinguished from each other by their uniforms. 1n this way, it is made for the purpose of clear division of labor, enhancing the sense of honor of the wearer, and striving for the supervision of public opinion< 1n general, business people are not allowed to show their personality too much in their own jobs. Wearing uniform of the same style not only helps to reflect the common characteristics of the whole unit and the good cooperation and cohesion of all employees, but also facilitates the unit to more effectively require and manage all employees< According to the theory of modern public relations, requiring all employees to wear a uniform style to go to work is actually one of the conventional ways to establish a "static enterprise identification symbol system" for a social organization to establish its own image. 1n other words, it can be refreshing to require all employees to wear uniform at work. Over time, the image of the unit will be deeply rooted and established

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