Analysis on market prospect of sling industry

At present, China is in the process of transition from the industrial era to the post industrial era, and the industrial construction is moving towards the direction of high quality; At the same time, China’s per capita share of infrastructure construction is still at a low level. 1n the future, China will need to build a large number of expressways, railways, airports and docks. These fields are good markets for lifting appliances, and China is gradually becoming able to build the above facilities. Therefore, the market prospect of lifting appliances in these fields is very promising

in addition, China’s continuous exploration of various types of mines and oilfields has also brought a large market for hoisting equipment. The safety problem in the mining process has become a matter of concern from the Party Central Committee to the ordinary people. 1t is not difficult for the sling manufacturing enterprises to open up a new way to improve the sales volume if they can make enough efforts in the aspect of safety. At present, China’s mining industry has not paid enough attention to sling products. Most of the enterprises are self-made, and there is a big gap in professionalism and safety. Therefore, the market space of mine sling is also very huge

with the development of science and technology, aerospace, national defense, construction and other industries have created unlimited development space for high-end lifting appliances, and lifting appliances are constantly setting new records in technology. Even more incredible is that some enterprises have also applied their products to medicine and high-end industries

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