Analysis on the current standards of all kinds of work clothes in Nanjing

At present, all kinds of clothing standards, textile fabric standards and test method standards in China can be used as reference for tooling production. The corresponding national or ministerial standards can be implemented according to the product characteristics. Generally, the tooling with shirt style or similar shirt style can be produced according to the “shirt” standard and the “men’s and women’s shirt specification”; Single piece tooling: the top can be in accordance with the standard of “men’s and women’s monocular wear” or “jacket” of the Ministry of textile; The trousers shall be manufactured in accordance with men’s and women’s trousers, and the standards for men’s and women’s suits and overcoats shall be implemented; Dress, skirt cover, etc. When the tooling has special functional requirements, such as flame retardant, waterproof, antistatic, etc., the technical indicators shall be inspected at the same time to see if they meet the requirements< Due to the lack of understanding of tooling manufacturing in China, the following problems are easy to occur in production: 1. The quality of tooling is rough. 1n the process of organizing production, the production enterprises do not have a strong sense of standards or do not know what the clothing production standards are. They often take a few samples to talk about the contract, focusing on the processing fee, delivery time and quantity. However, they do not pay enough attention to the product standards and quality, and do not have clear and strict quality requirements for the production workers, which is one of the reasons for the low product quality

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