Analysis on the present situation of mine safety helmet — it can only protect the head

the mine environment is very complex, the depth of the mine varies from tens of meters to thousands of meters, and the thick rock strata are pressed on it. Although there are supports in the mine, it is still difficult to ensure absolute safety, and the roof disaster is also one of the common disasters in the mine

the head is the most critical part of the human body, so in almost every dangerous situation, the protection of the head is necessary

the main function of the safety helmet is to protect the head from the impact from the top and to alleviate the impact. 1ts protection principle is to form a certain gap between the cap shell and the top of the head, which will play a certain role in buffering the impact from the top; At the same time, the spherical smooth cap shell can change the direction of the falling objects from above, so as to avoid the impact on the head

on the other hand, the underground safety is not only a threat from the top of the head, but also one of the hazards of mine gas. There is a large amount of harmful gas in the underground air, which is mixed with mineral dust. Breathing this kind of air for a long time will do great harm to human body” Silicosis is a common occupational disease among miners, which is caused by the long-term breath of mine gas

considering the above two factors, the safety helmet can only protect the head from impact injury, but it can not protect the harmful gas in the mine

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