And Anden: a portable aerosol fire extinguisher the size of a coke bottle

Recently, a unique and portable fire extinguisher has been sought after by people on the 1nternet. Shaanxi fire protection company publicized and recommended this fire extinguisher at the launching ceremony of fire protection publicity month. Let’s take a look at the true features of Lushan Mountain

How about the appearance and packaging first

this fire extinguisher is the latest product of Xi’an and Anden fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd. 1t has excellent effect for various initial fires. The most important features are: the weight is less than 500g, the volume is like coke, can extinguish solid surface fire, liquid fire, oil fire and electrical fire and other types of fire, and the fire extinguishing effect is strong, the maximum can extinguish 21b fire, suitable for carrying, handling all kinds of emergencies. Compared with the traditional pressure storage fire extinguisher, this kind of fire extinguisher is stored under normal pressure and can still be used normally without pressure for 4 years

it is reported that this new portable fire extinguisher, which breaks the traditional concept, has been widely used in family, automobile, military, fire protection and other systems. 1t was used in the field of anti-terrorism security as early as the beginning of this year, and has achieved very good results in practice

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