Anecdote: right hand “foster” calf

Xiaowei, a 25-year-old boy from Changde, has “grown” his hands to his legs and “survived”

a month ago, Xiao Wei came to Xiangya Hospital with a bloody broken limb. The doctor made a plan to foster the leg first and then replant it

through staged surgery, the right hand was successfully replanted on the right forearm. Xiao Wei’s replanted right hand and transplanted skin flap have survived and the wound healed well. Looking at the “lost and recovered” right hand, Xiaowei smiles happily

who broke my right forearm

a month ago, Xiaowei, a 25-year-old Carisolv from Changde, was involved in the drilling machine due to his wrong operation when he was working. His whole right hand was cut off by the machine instantly, and his blood was pouring out

“1 remember 1 was scared at that time, except for fear or fear…” Xiao Wei, who tried to calm down and restrain his fear, immediately picked up the broken limb and ran to the nearest hospital with the help of his workmates. Seven hours after the injury, Xiao Wei arrived at Xiangya Hospital. After careful examination, the doctor found that the patient’s right upper limb was completely severed from the forearm, but different from the past, it not only had strangulation and avulsion, resulting in a large area of skin and soft tissue defects and avulsion defects of blood vessels, nerves and tendons. The ulna and radius were exposed, and the injury was really very serious. After analysis, the doctor made a plan to foster the leg first and then replant it. After the patient’s limb survived and the general condition recovered well, the patient was replanted in situ

alarm: how do we protect ourselves

1. First of all, in the design and manufacture of equipment, enterprises take safety as a prerequisite, provide advanced technology, safe and reliable production equipment for operators, eliminate hidden dangers from the equipment itself, and strive to achieve the essential safety of the equipment

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