Angry! Fire fighters were insulted and beaten by onlookers

go against the fire (information picture)

Guangyang branch of Langfang Public Security Bureau in Hebei Province revealed on the 7th that Guangyang police recently cracked a case of obstructing public affairs. Li and other 4 suspects abused and beaten armed police fire fighters. They were detained by the Guangyang police according to law for suspect crimes.

according to the police, at 16:35 on the 3rd, the command center of Guangyang Branch received an alarm: the armed police fire fighters were insulted and beaten by four people when they put out a fire in the basement of building 13 in a residential area of Guangyang District, Langfang city. After receiving the report, the police of nanjianta police station, Patrol Special Police Brigade and Criminal Police Brigade of Guangyang branch rushed to the scene for disposal< According to the preliminary investigation, a fire broke out in the basement of uni4, building 13, Guangyang District, Langfang city that afternoon. At 16:30, Langfang fire armed police dispatched 3 fire engines and 12 fire fighters to the scene to carry out the fire fighting task. When the fire fighters were carrying out the fire fighting task according to the division of labor, a fire fighter who was responsible for taking photos was accused and abused by a onlooker. When the other two comrades came to dissuade them, four people, including Li, beat three fire fighters, which seriously affected the fire fighters' fire fighting task a fire fighter who participated in the fire fighting lamented that he had never encountered such a thing for many years after joining the army. There was a clear division of labor in the rescue process, and most of the fire relief was understood and cooperated by the masses. He did not expect that this time he met the crowd’s unreasonable abuse and beating. 1n the whole incident, the fire fighter did not fight back to the perpetrators according to Article 293 of the criminal law, Guangyang branch detained four people, including Li, who were suspected of causing trouble. At present, the case is under further trial those who go against the fire deserve more respect fire, earthquake, many disasters and accidents, people run out to look for life, but fire fighters go against the fire to protect their lives. We often don’t know those nameless names until we are in a disaster or even after we die, but they who guard our safety deserve more attention and respect those who go against the fire deserve more respect! Praise them

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