Anhui closed the last 40 fireworks enterprises at the end of 2014

Wang Mingfu, who has been engaged in fireworks and firecrackers production for 26 years in Chaohu City, is worried about changing his career recently: “the fireworks and firecrackers factory is closed. What should 1 do in the future?”

not long ago, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau and other departments issued the “opinions on the overall withdrawal of fireworks and firecracker production enterprises”, requiring that the last 40 fireworks and firecracker enterprises in our province should withdraw as a whole by the end of December this year. How to transform smoothly after exit has become a difficult problem for the local government and related enterprises< 1n recent days, Wang Mingfu from Sanbing town of Chaohu City has been going to Anhui Baihe fireworks Co., Ltd. every day. Looking at the fireworks production line pushed down by the bulldozer, he had some bad feelings in his heart" 1 started this factory five years ago, and now it's completely shut down in my hands. " When he said this, Wang Mingfu almost choked on December 19 last year, all the 12 manufacturing enterprises that were finally withdrawn from Chaohu City stopped production. On December 25, exit enterprises signed an exit subsidy agreement with Sanbing town. After signing, Wang Mingfu went home and bowed deeply in front of his father’s portrait” My ancestors have been engaged in this business. Now they quit. 1’m really not used to it. ” Wang Mingfu recalled that the fireworks and firecrackers industry made him rich. When the company was profitable, his annual income as the company’s boss exceeded 1 million yuan” The two children went to college and bought a house in the city. They all earned money from fireworks. “ at the end of last year, there were 35 enterprises such as Baihe company, which were all out of production. According to the overall exit plan of fireworks and firecrackers enterprises in our province, after these 35 enterprises exit, the last 40 production enterprises will exit before the end of 2014. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau explained that the fireworks industry has great potential safety hazards, most of which are workshop production, and the technical content is not high” Overall exit means that all relevant enterprises will be permanently closed within the specified time according to the established deployment. “ Wang Mingfu told reporters that the government has decided to withdraw the fireworks industry from the market in the long run, and he will certainly support the government’s work” However, the 20 million enterprises 1 invested in are now completely closed. 1 feel very confused about what to do next it is also a difficult but unavoidable choice for the local government to withdraw from fireworks enterprises. Before 2010, there were 54 fireworks enterprises in Sanbing Town, with an annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan and an annual tax of more than 10 million yuan” 1t has promoted the employment of more than 20000 local villagers and attracted more than 10000 foreign workers. There are also 27 hotels and 4 bath centers near the enterprise, driving the development of transportation, packaging and other related industries. ” Hong Jun, deputy mayor of Sanbing Town, said that fireworks and firecrackers were originally a pillar industry in the local area, but now they all quit. Although the town does not give up, it must make such a choice< Like Wang Mingfu, Jiang Xiaobing has been engaged in fireworks industry in Sanbing town for many years. A few days ago, the reporter saw in his family farm that the economic seedlings such as crape myrtle and Cinnamomum camphora on the hillside have begun to take shape. Thousands of white geese are swimming in the pond in groups at the foot of the hillside, and black pigs are playing on the bank. 1t's hard to imagine that two years ago, it was still a black powder factory “it only took me three months to change my profession.” Jiang Xiaobing told reporters that before the closure of the black powder factory, he was as confused as Wang Mingfu. Later, under the guidance of the government, he transformed the original site into a family farm, and transformed the original factory into a farmhouse restaurant. The 30 employees of the gunpowder factory also became waiters and feeders” Now the gross income of farmhouse is about 120000-150000 yuan per month. Although it is not as profitable as before, it has survived the difficult period of changing profession. Family farms will have more revenue in the next three years. ” Speaking of the future, Jiang Xiaobing is full of confidence Wei Daotian used to run a fireworks factory in Sanbing town. After quitting, he turned into a fishing net shaping weaving factory with 14 net weaving machines. Hu Yansong, director of the office of the leading group for the transformation and development of fireworks and firecrackers in Chaohu City, said that the fishing net industry in Chaohu City has begun to take shape, and the production technology and marketing are relatively mature, so he guided Wei Daotian to transform the production of fishing nets. The government not only relies on policies to guide the transformation, but also takes out real money to support the transformation enterprises” After acceptance by the government, each loom will receive a subsidy of 20000 yuan. ” Wei Daotian told reporters according to Hu Yansong, in 2012, 16 fireworks enterprises in Chaohu City withdrew. Among them, 9 have been transferred to building materials, food, fishing nets, seedlings and other projects, most of which have been put into operation in accordance with the requirements of the overall withdrawal of fireworks and firecrackers in our province, the county-level people’s Government where the enterprise is located organizes forces to dismantle the main production equipment, and the industry and Commerce and safety supervision departments revoke the relevant licenses of the enterprise. After the closure of the enterprise, the government shall organize to complete the exit acceptance before March 31 of the next year. According to the standard of 800000 yuan per enterprise, the provincial finance arranges special funds for exit subsidies, and cities and counties give appropriate subsidies according to the actual situation free up land to seek another development space “if we can’t find a good project, according to Chaohu City’s production transfer plan, the remaining warehouse will be completely demolished before March 31.” Wang said he was worried about finding the next project. Changing production is not only a major event for enterprises to exit, but also a test of the determination and wisdom of the local government according to the exit deployment of Chaohu fireworks enterprises, the enterprises that quit at the end of 2013 will decide to “switch production or dismantle completely” before February 28 this year. By March 31, enterprises determined not to change production must dismantle all the remaining warehouses, facilities and equipment. 1f the acceptance is qualified, the withdrawal subsidy shall be fully cashed before April 30 in accordance with the signed withdrawal subsidy agreement in order to ensure the smooth completion of the overall exit and ensure the successful transformation, Chaohu municipal government has jointly established a leading group for the exit transformation and development of fireworks and firecrackers” The mayor acts as the team leader to ensure that the implementation of various departments is strong. ” Hu Yansong said that although the transformation is difficult, we should make good use of the favorable factors in the transformation “there are relevant subsidies from the province to the city, with a total of about 150 million yuan.” Hu Yansong believes that capital is an indispensable condition in the transformation and development, and such a large amount of subsidy can be used as the start-up capital for enterprises. 1n addition, land advantage is also a favorable factor for the transformation” According to statistics, nearly 4900 mu of construction land has been used by all enterprises after their withdrawal, which makes room for transformation and development. “ in order to absorb the reemployment of the personnel after the overall withdrawal, Chaohu City plans to establish a shoemaking base in Sanbing town” The shoemaking industry can absorb a large number of employees and has a long industrial chain. ” According to the person in charge of relevant departments in the city, leather making, viscose, packaging and other types of work in the shoe-making process are similar to some types of work in the fireworks and firecrackers industry, which can enable the reemployees to start quickly. At present, it has negotiated with several large shoe enterprises in Wenzhou, and shoe companies have registered in Chaohu< On the afternoon of January 23, the Publicity Department of Binyang County Party committee reported that a firecracker explosion occurred in Zhailing village, Guotai village committee, Binzhou Town, the county, at about 12:20 noon that day, which unfortunately killed four people according to the preliminary investigation, two of the dead were surnamed Xie, and the other two were surnamed Qin and Huang respectively. They were all from Zhailing village. At the time of the explosion, four people were privately producing firecrackers in a simple brick structure shed. 1n the process of dosing, there was a sudden explosion. The specific cause of the explosion is still under investigation. No other casualties were caused by the accident, the circular said after the accident, Binyang County Party committee and government organized relevant departments to properly carry out the disposal work: first, a leading group for the disposal of firecracker explosion accident was quickly established. According to the principle of “four don’t let go” (that is, if the cause is not clear, if the person responsible for the accident is not dealt with, if the rectification measures are not implemented, if the lessons are not learned), the leading group should be timely and timely Accurately find out the cause, process and economic loss of the accident; Second, we should do a good job in the rehabilitation of the dead and the pacification of their relatives, so as to stabilize the mood of the masses; The third is to find out the nature of the accident and the responsible person in time, file a case according to law and deal with it strictly; Fourth, from now on, we will organize forces to carry out netting investigation in various towns, and continue to carry out in-depth crackdown on private artillery, so as to ensure that the intensity will not be reduced this article is reprinted by 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with China labor insurance network. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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