Anhui coal mine rescue technology competition starts in Huainan

On May 6, the fifth Anhui coal mine rescue technology competition was held in Huainan City. Five teams from Huainan mining, Wanbei Coal Power, Huaibei mining, SD1C Xinji (601918, Guba) and Wannan regional mines will compete for three days. There are nine events in the competition, including simulated disaster relief, medical first aid, theoretical examination, respirator operation, Susheng apparatus operation, hanging wind tent, individual comprehensive physical fitness, group and individual all-round

through the competition, a learning and communication platform was built for the rescue team of coal mines in Anhui Province. Through the competition, the spirit of unity and cooperation was carried forward, the technical exchange was strengthened, the skills and technology were improved, and the actual combat ability was enhanced. The competition promoted the emergency rescue level of coal mines in Anhui Province to a new level

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