Anhui four safety helmet products on the black list involving Minsheng industry and trade group and other enterprises

the safety helmet is a kind of labor protection equipment for the head, which is used to protect the head from the attack, puncture and extrusion of foreign objects. Safety helmet products are listed as special labor protection articles by the state. The industrial product production license system and safety mark certification system are important products related to the personal safety and health of workers

according to the results of the first batch of national supervision and random inspection of product quality in 2010 recently released by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, through the inspection of 90 kinds of safety helmet products produced by 90 enterprises in 13 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, there are 12 kinds of products whose impact absorption performance and puncture resistance do not meet the requirements of relevant standards

it is understood that the impact absorption performance refers to the performance of safety helmet to absorb part of the impact of falling objects, so as to reduce the impact of falling objects on human cervical spine. The impact absorption performance is the main safety performance item of safety helmet, which is directly related to the personal safety of the wearer. Puncture resistance refers to the performance of preventing penetration when a certain weight of sharp object falls on the safety helmet shell. According to the mandatory national standard GB2811-2007 “safety helmet”, after the safety helmet is pretreated with high temperature, low temperature and immersion, the puncture test shall be carried out. The steel cone shall not contact the surface of the head mold, and the cap shell shall not have debris. The impact test shall be carried out, and the force transmitted to the head mold shall not exceed 4900n, and the debris causing injury to the head shall not fall off

there are four products on the “black list” in Anhui Province, involving Anhui Minsheng industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd., Jingde County Electronic and electrical accessories factory, Ma’anshan Songshan FRP factory and Bengbu hucong protective products Co., Ltd

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