Anjia Petrochemical pays for the health of front line employees

Heilongjiang anruijia petrochemical company has the production characteristics of “high temperature, high pressure, inflammable and explosive”, just like a “crater”, which is the high-risk enterprise with the most risk factors in petrochemical enterprises

on May 8, Heilongjiang anruijia petrochemical company organized 350 employees exposed to toxic and harmful production lines to undergo annual occupational health examination. This company regards paying attention to the physical and mental health and life safety of employees as the first factor to maintain the safe production of the enterprise, which is included in the agenda, and takes effective measures to do a good job. The company has invested more than 3 million yuan to purchase online combustible gas alarm, fire alarm and hydrogen alarm, and installed visual monitoring system in the production site and key parts, and equipped walkie talkie in the central control room of each workshop, so as to realize all-round and three-dimensional safety control, and provide scientific guarantee for the life safety and physical and mental health of employees. As the saying goes, often walking by the river, which can not wet shoes. Employees working in hazardous posts for a long time will inevitably come into contact with emergencies such as leakage of hazardous chemicals, cleaning, discharge, and handling of abnormal production. 1n this regard, employees are prone to hepatitis and other occupational diseases

for 8 years, the company has always adhered to the principle of “managing safety from the perspective of humanism, ensuring safety from the perspective of basic work”, practiced the safety concept of “people are the key, people are the most important”, put “humanized” and “scientific and technological” management throughout the whole process of safety production, and adhered to the principle of “caring for employees, starting from paying attention to their health”, On line alarm of harmful gas has been installed and equipped successively; Combustible gas alarm; Air respirator and other protective equipment shall be equipped with gas masks for each employee of hazardous production posts, and special personnel shall be responsible for the management and strict use regulations. For the safety of every employee, they make great efforts on the health of employees and spend a lot of money to “pay the bill” for the employees in the production line. Establish health records for employees in toxic and harmful positions, implement systematic management, organize annual physical examination for employees in toxic and harmful positions, and ensure the physical and mental health of employees in production line. 1n order to ensure the health of every employee and prevent cross infection, the company, based on the actual situation, insists on distributing protective articles regularly, checking the use and integrity, and replacing the unqualified ones in time, so as to effectively prevent the spread of diseases and ensure the stable development of the enterprise and the physical and mental health of employees

up to now, the company has installed 60 sets of remote monitoring systems and 21 sets of hazardous chemical loading and unloading monitoring systems, with installation coverage of 100%. More than 300 potential safety hazards have been eliminated, strengthening the “protection chain” for the sustainable safety production of enterprises and adding a “protection lock” for the physical and mental health of employees

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