Annual inspection standard for private purchase of fire extinguisher

Members of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference suggested that supervision should be strengthened on the production, sales and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment. According to the regulations, the fire extinguisher must be inspected once a year, otherwise it may lose its fire fighting function. However, according to the investigation, some units still do not pay enough attention to the “annual inspection” of fire extinguishers, and do not timely “annual inspection”, or in order to save money, they put up qualified labels in informal companies to cope with the inspection

CPPCC members suggested that more efforts should be made to inspect and manage the production, sales and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment< According to the suggestion clue No. d00753, many units, companies and residential properties are equipped with a large number of fire extinguishers, but some of these fire extinguishers do not carry out "annual inspection" according to the regulations. 1n case of fire, these fire extinguishers without "annual inspection" can not be used normally, thus delaying the fire fighting time. 1t is suggested that the relevant departments should strengthen the management the “annual inspection” of fire extinguisher was supervised by the neighborhood committee yesterday, the reporter visited 30 stores and restaurants randomly along jingguangqiao to the people’s daily, and found that only one newly opened duck neck store was not equipped with fire extinguisher. Among the shops equipped with fire extinguishers, only one tobacco sales shop failed to conduct “annual inspection” in time “it is compulsory to equip the fire extinguisher. The neighborhood committee will come to inspect and supervise the maintenance of the fire extinguisher.” A boss of an office equipment repair shop said that all shops along the street have a letter of safety responsibility, and the neighborhood committee will check the contents of the letter of safety responsibility “we all have accounts for the equipment we sell. Generally, when it’s time for the annual inspection of the fire-fighting equipment in large units and enterprises, our salesmen will take the initiative to contact them, but for small units, because of the shortage of manpower, they need to take the initiative to contact us.” A staff member of a fire equipment company said, “there are very few family users, so they need to have the awareness of active annual inspection.”< However, there are still some units dealing with the "annual inspection" of fire extinguishers in order to save costs. At 2 p.m. yesterday, at the East Fourth Ring fire equipment sales company, a man came in and asked how much it would cost to repair a fire extinguisher. When he learned that it would cost about 30 yuan, he was surprised, "can't it be repaired for more than ten yuan?" Then turn around and leave “a 4kg ABC fire extinguisher, together with manual work, door-to-door delivery, testing, inflation, and replacement of fire extinguishing agent, costs at least more than 20 yuan. The company that only charges 10 yuan must be the kind of irregular company. 1t’s only necessary to stick a certificate label and refill it. 1t’s just for inspection.” The company’s staff Ms. Gao told reporters, “the dry powder in the fire extinguisher has to be changed once a year, otherwise it will condense into a block and can’t be used.” “there are a lot of irregular fire fighting equipment sales and maintenance companies, and it is difficult for the right regular companies to survive.” Ms. Gao said, “since the recent launch of the” Thunderbolt operation “, some customers who wanted to find informal companies at a low price have come back. Like a security company, the fire extinguisher was originally repaired by an irregular company. When a fire broke out years ago, the dry powder didn’t spray from the hose, but sprayed back on people. “ the Committee suggested strengthening the supervision of fire-fighting equipment “the reason for a fire in any place is that it has not been done in accordance with the requirements of the fire department.” Municipal CPPCC members said. According to the regulations, every unit should be equipped with fire extinguishers, but leaders of some units do not attach importance to them and do not overhaul them once every two or three years. The staff below want to be cheap, so they can go where they can save money. There are also many small doormen in Beijing who provide such services. They may not follow the requirements of the fire department to replace inferior ones with good ones, or stick up a certificate to cope with the inspection CPPCC members suggested that relevant departments should strengthen supervision in the production, sales and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment, and rectify irregular and unqualified fire-fighting equipment sales and maintenance companies China labor insurance net

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