annual turnover 1.5 billion

Editor’s note: in order to further study and implement Xi Jinping’s new socialist ideology with China’s characteristics and the nineteen spirits of the party, we will fully implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Shandong’s important speech, and publicize and demonstrate Shandong’s solid efforts to promote high-quality development results and build a modern economic system. The Propaganda Department of Shandong provincial Party committee, The interview activity of “high quality development in Shandong — the 14th China online media trip to Shandong” co sponsored by Shandong provincial Party committee’s online information office was held in Shandong from September 10 to 15, 2018

3M, Honeywell, DuPont… These famous Fortune 500 enterprises all have a common partner xinminghui. Today, the interview group of “high quality development in Shandong — the 14th China 1nternet media tour in Shandong” enters xinminghui Security Technology Co., Ltd. 1n recent years, by integrating global brands, xinminghui has established the first vertical e-commerce platform in the industrial safety industry, xinminghui mall. Through continuous innovation, xinminghui mall has developed into the largest comprehensive supplier of industrial safety products in China

walking into the physical store of xinminghui in Linyi mall, you can’t see that the transaction volume of this enterprise last year was as high as 1.5 billion yuan. On xinminghui trading data platform, a colorful map of China first appeared in front of reporters. Red represents the province with the largest real-time transaction volume. The darker the color, the greater the volume. Yesterday’s trading volume was as high as 7.84 million yuan

“the platform data provides a scientific basis for us to open branches. For example, with the increase of the amount of data in Xinjiang, we recently opened branches in Xinjiang, so that the local transaction volume further increased, and Xinjiang showed red on the data map.” Li Hui, general manager of xinminghui Safety Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that thanks to the developed logistics system of Linyi, xinminghui’s labor protection products can cover all parts of the country

the picture shows the reporter’s experience of labor protection products

“for the labor protection products industry, there are three of the world’s top 500 companies working, while in China, where the labor protection market is huge, there is no one of China’s top 500 companies working.” Li Hui believes in brewing a labor insurance Unicorn company. 1n fact, in the early stage of development, xinminghui, like many e-commerce enterprises, chose to open stores on third-party platforms such as Taobao or Jingdong. Li Hui said that later, as the pure Taobao store and Jingdong store were far from meeting their e-commerce strategic development needs, xinminghui decided to build its own online retail platform

in 2014, xinminghui took the lead in successfully realizing the “dual platform o2o” business model based on the online “xinminghui mall” and the offline “xinminghui labor protection experience store” in China. Through the simulation demonstration of various hazardous working environments, the experience store explained the hazards existing in each work link and the protective equipment needed to be equipped from a professional perspective, By scanning the QR code, customers directly log in to xinminghui mall, click to view the product function introduction video and various use explanations, complete the independent order, innovatively realize the o2o operation mode of labor insurance industry, and build a new pattern of e-commerce operation mode of labor insurance industry< 1n 2016, the general office of Shandong provincial government issued the opinions on accelerating the development of e-commerce, proposing to innovate the marketing mode of industrial products and build 10 online retail platforms with an annual turnover of more than 1 billion yuan relying on the offline resource advantages of large-scale commercial circulation enterprises After the "opinions" was issued, xinminghui actively carried out the upgrading of e-commerce enterprises, built a new B2B2C system, realized the perfect combination of B2C and C2C, built its own logistics supply chain 4.0 system, and provided unified services in addition, they have integrated global brands to the greatest extent, formed a strong product line of industrial safety products with 8 categories, 185 subcategories and a total of 36000 SKUs, become the largest labor protection products distributor in China, and built xinminghui mall into the first vertical e-commerce platform in the industrial safety industry. 1n July this year, the construction of e-commerce and warehousing base of xinminghui headquarters began. Li Hui said that the project will adopt the most advanced automatic intelligent integrated equipment and system in China to build the largest and most advanced intelligent storage center in the industrial products industry, which integrates automatic three-dimensional storage and high-speed sorting(Reporter Bai Shaoguang, Li Xuying)

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