Anqing Market Supervision Bureau recalled 8180 defective masks

The production of labor protection articles is the leading industry and pillar industry of Qingcao Town, Tongcheng City, Anhui Province. 1n order to effectively safeguard the personal and property safety and legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and further carry out the quality improvement action, on August 9, 2019, the law enforcement personnel of Anqing market supervision Bureau of Anhui Province went deep into Qingcao town to carry out the recall supervision of defective masks. Eleven enterprises took the initiative to file recall plans with the Bureau, issued recall notices to consumers nationwide, and recalled 8180 defective masks

combining with the investigation of defective labor protection products recall, Anqing Market Supervision Bureau focused on finding out the problems existing in the defective products, and analyzed the causes of the defects, and required the local market supervision department to make efforts in supervision and service, not only to further strengthen the market supervision, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but also to strengthen the market supervision, At the same time, we should do a good job in publicity and education, knowledge training, standards, certification, inspection and other services to ensure the orderly and healthy development of labor protection products market. Qingcao town government should actively implement the territorial management responsibilities, strengthen the comprehensive supervision of enterprises, earnestly implement the spirit of “opinions on implementing quality improvement actions and promoting the construction of a quality city” issued by Anqing Municipal Party committee and government, rapidly carry out the action of improving the quality of labor protection articles, and guide enterprises to operate in accordance with the law, standardize production, innovation driven, dislocation development and orderly competition, Realize industrial transformation and upgrading

to carry out recall is not only an important means for enterprises to implement the main responsibility of quality, but also a requirement to strengthen the supervision during and after the event. Strengthening the supervision of defective consumer goods recall is a realistic need to comprehensively promote the quality improvement action, an important move to serve enterprises, society and the masses, and the only way to transform government functions and strengthen the supervision during and after the event, 1t is necessary to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. 1n the next step, Anqing Market Supervision Bureau will continue to perform its duties, actively carry out the supervision work of defective consumer goods recall, continuously improve the supervision measures, and strive to improve the quality level. 1n urging enterprises to fulfill the main responsibility of product quality, it will continue to innovate the work measures, so as to ensure the product quality and safety, and promote the improvement of product quality, Comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the city’s economy

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