anti haze mask should be standard for sanitation workers

“Ah, there are still people who care so much about us and give us anti haze masks!” Yesterday morning, in front of Gongji gate of Taiyuan north street, sanitation worker master Hao curiously put on a mask. On the same day, the City Youth Federation, together with caring enterprises, sent 3600 anti haze masks to more than 3000 environmental sanitation workers in Xinghualing district(Taiyuan evening news, October 26, expressed the surprise and moving of sanitation workers with simple words, but what kind of courtesy did they get? 1t’s not a luxury reward like traveling by plane, but just a common anti haze mask

the charity work of the caring enterprise is indeed moving, but it is also a severe criticism to the relevant departments: how many years have the haze been, why not equip the environmental sanitation workers who work outdoors with anti haze masks? 1s it unexpected or impossible, or reluctant? The beauticians who praise the City 10000 times are not as real as this small mask. Do the normal rights and interests of sanitation workers need the love of all walks of life

as we all know, the working hours of sanitation workers are highly coincident with that of haze. They not only have long working hours and high labor intensity, but also are always in close contact with dust, so their bodies are vulnerable to injury. Even if they don’t care, the relevant departments should take the initiative to make anti haze masks the standard for sanitation workers – this is not only real care, 1t is the most basic protection for their health

drawing inferences from one instance, outdoor workers, including traffic police, construction workers and other groups, should be equipped with anti haze masks, because they are exposed to haze and have nowhere to hide, because no work should be done at the expense of health

when their anti haze masks need to be changed, it may be the most serious period of haze. Who will tell them what to do((by song Pengwei)

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