anti haze masks fall out of favor: Ji enterprises take the initiative to reduce production, and can’t remember to wear them when there is no haze

with more and more blue sky, the citizens have less “breathing pain”

anti haze mask is out of favor

Zhang Xin still has the mask he bought in 2016 in his car, but he hasn’t worn it once this winter. He is a pharmaceutical industry practitioners, Jinan chain drugstores have run countless times

why does a small mask make him realize the “roller coaster” market< According to Zhang Xin's memory, 2015 was the hottest year for anti haze masks. All of a sudden, this single product has become a popular model. 1 want to wear a few every day" At that time, anti haze masks were often sold out of stock in pharmacies! " 1n 2015, the name of PM2.5 began to appear frequently in the public view, and the harm of PM2.5 is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As a result, the store entrance shelf of chain drugstores has become the site of anti haze masks Quancheng Road, a chain drugstore in Jinan, sold 30000 or 40000 anti haze masks every year in 2015 and 2016. Of course, this is the sales volume of big stores. Even small stores can sell one or two thousand a year. Especially in 2015, there were dozens or hundreds of anti haze masks sold to take out, or family group buying, or unit group buying also in 2015, after the heat of anti haze mask was fired, the price began to rise. Zhang Xin remembers that in 2015, a 3M mask was 17.8 yuan, while in the winter of 2016, it was 30.40 yuan, and even 80.90 yuan, hundreds of yuan” When you buy a haze mask, you don’t care about money at all. Maybe the more expensive it is, the better the effect will be! “ therefore, in the summer of 2017, chain drugstores began to dock with manufacturers and store some anti haze masks in advance to avoid out of stock in winter. Zhang Xin is very familiar with a drugstore, this winter first hoard 500 anti haze masks, but winter is almost half over, even 20 did not sell out. Even the number of masks sold in the drugstores near Quancheng road is only three figures, which is not comparable with previous years “after winter, Jinan is always blue sky and white clouds. Only in recent days, there has been haze. Who can wear anti haze mask without haze?” Staff of a drugstore near ganshiqiao said frankly. The reporter noticed that the brands of haze masks in many supermarkets in Jinan have been streamlined, and the prices have also decreased slightly” This winter, masks are generally sold. ” Supermarket staff said Ji enterprises take the initiative to reduce production the circulation channels are generally sold, and the manufacturers feel the most sincere” 1n 2017, we have 10000 sets in stock, just to meet the basic needs of old customers. Now there are thousands of sets left Sun Hu, executive general manager of Shandong Shanda Tianwei new materials Co., Ltd., told reporters, “in 2016, the company made tens of thousands of anti haze masks, mainly for group buying customers.” when anti haze masks were favored in 2016, sun Hu set a tone for this single product – don’t do too much in 2017″ We can see that even Xiaomi has started to make anti haze masks. 1f they don’t have special advantages, don’t get together any more! ” 1n his view, anti haze mask itself is the thing that meets the needs of the situation and does not have much growth. Facts have proved that sun Hu’s judgment is in line with the times< The reporter learned that there are not many haze mask manufacturers in Jinan. 1n addition to sun Hu's company, Shengquan group has also launched the combene Shengyang graphene haze mask, as well as the PM2.5 mask produced by Shanda colloidal materials Co., Ltd. However, for these enterprises, anti haze masks are only a small part of their business. However, Jinan anti haze mask dealers are many, but most of them are small companies looking at the whole country, 3M and Honeywell occupy a large market share in the civil mask market. The two companies, unwilling to disclose the sales of anti haze masks, both stressed that civilian masks are only one of their many businesses. 1n the official flagship store of 3M tmall, the best-selling haze mask has just exceeded 20000 monthly sales, and the remaining 9 monthly sales. The flagship store of Honeywell tmall is the best-selling one, with only 3600 monthly sales< However, sun Hu is not optimistic about the future market of anti haze masks" The characteristic of haze economy is that it will break out in a short time. With the change of environment, it will adjust rapidly. With the improvement of environment, people's enthusiasm for haze prevention products will also tend to be calm. " 1n his view, the growth of anti haze masks is much worse than that of air purifiers. 1t's hard to reproduce the past two years. The market demand is bound to be smaller and smaller 1 can’t remember to wear it when there is no haze indeed, it’s just a need when there is haze, and it’s chicken ribs when there is no haze. Liu Chao, Zhang Xin’s classmate, dislikes anti haze masks” 1 don’t know if the rope of the mask is too short, or my face is too big. 1 changed several brands of masks last year, and 1 feel that my ears hurt. Although there is a breathing valve, 1 still feel that 1 am not breathing well. ” At the end of 2016, Liu Chao bought dozens of anti haze masks, but they always felt a little symbolic Liu Chao’s outdoor time is basically on the way to and from work, and he also drives, so he doesn’t spend much time outside. One day at the end of 2016, after working overtime at night, he thought he had fallen into a “fairyland” as soon as he got out of the office building. The haze was so serious that he couldn’t see the traffic lights. He suddenly felt that the haze had to be prevented. So 1 went to the drugstore and bought ten haze masks at once” 1f you think of it, wear it. 1f you don’t think of it, don’t wear it Liu Chao asked his doctor friends, some of them made it clear that they would not wear masks no matter how heavy the haze was. The filtration effect of qualified N95 mask can reach 95%, which is no problem for blocking PM2.5 into the lower respiratory tract. 1n theory, the more airtight the protective material of the mask, the better the effect of blocking particles. However, the better the sealing performance of the mask, the greater the possibility of hypoxia. Liu Chao had dizziness after wearing anti haze mask for a long time the reporter interviewed a number of citizens at random, and they basically wear anti haze masks when there is obvious haze” So many brands of anti haze masks have such big price differences. Who knows if they can prevent haze? ” Liu Chao has always been skeptical about anti haze masks. 1ndeed, it’s not uncommon that anti haze masks don’t prevent haze in the past two years. Some people directly change their logo and pretend to be 3M masks< 1n fact, since the winter of 2012, anti haze masks have entered people's field of vision, claiming "PM2.5 protection", "dust isolation", "anti haze" and other protective functions. By 2015, it has finally become a hot out of stock. Many textile enterprises are also focused on the haze economy, and have set foot in the production of anti haze masks. The price of each mask in the market ranges from 1 yuan to hundreds of yuan “in the past two years, many anti haze mask enterprises and anti haze screen companies have made a lot of money!” Sun Hu said frankly. Data show that from December 16 to 20, 2016, in five days, Jingdong Mall sold more than 15 million masks, an increase of more than 380% year on year. According to the reporter’s statistics, tmall alone has nearly 200 brands of anti haze masks on sale, and Jingdong Mall has nearly 250 brands of anti haze masks on sale. This should also be sun Hu’s original judgment. 1n the past two years, many brands have emerged in the industry, either cross-border enterprises or related enterprises, all of which want to find business opportunities. Therefore, anti haze masks are only a small category in many enterprises< 1n November 2016, China's first national standard for civil protective masks was officially implemented because of the frequent problems of haze masks in the sampling inspection. Although the standard problem of anti haze masks has been solved, the proliferation of fake products is also a "hard wound", and Liu Chao's distrust of anti haze masks has not been resolved fortunately, this winter, Liu Chao no longer needs to wear anti haze masks. The “battle against haze” in Jinan is obviously very effective. 1n the first 11 months of 2017, the number of days of “blue sky and white clouds” in Jinan increased by 40%. “1 hope 1 don’t have to experience the pain of breathing any more,” he said with a smile (Jinan Times)

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