Anti noise earplugs enter the court

The world cup in South Africa reminds people of Spain’s first World Summit. However, what impresses me most from the scene is the noisy wuwuzula and the frightening security of yoborg

the noisy vuvuzela is famous all over the world

when the reporter first arrived at the Joburg station, a colleague accompanied by a black driver went to the market and bought a vuvuzela about one meter long. The first time 1 saw a vuvuzela, 1 felt the same as a trumpet. However, 1 puffed my cheek and blew it, but it didn’t sound. Under the guidance of the black driver, the reporter learned that it was necessary to breathe enough air first, and then aim at the entrance to blow it at a constant speed. Finally, it made a huge sound of “vuvuzela”. According to the introduction of black drivers, vuvuzela is used by local people in South Africa to drive out baboons. However, the baboons were not frightened, and fans from all over the world collapsed first

when you enter the world cup, 30000 or 40000 people each have a vuvuzela. 1t feels like bees are buzzing all over the stadium, which makes you realize the real meaning of “enlightening the deaf”. Because F1FA refuses to ban the vuvuzela on the grounds of respecting the cultural tradition of South Africa, many foreign fans have to wear earplugs to enter the stadium. They would rather watch a silent football match than be heard the annoying voice of the vuvuzela

it is said that the noise from the vuvuzela reaches 100 decibels. Some people will ask whether the referee’s whistle can pass through the vuvuzela and reach the players’ ears. The answer is yes. The special whistle for the world cup in South Africa is made of copper for the first time. The German manufacturer also uses the name “Titanic”, which is autocratic for the vuvuzela, 1t’s the killer of the vuvuzela. 1t can make a huge noise of 135 decibels. 1t can be seen that the hardest part of the world cup in South Africa is the players. They have to endure not only the interference of the vuvuzela, but also the referee’s “Titanic”

interestingly, when the reporter bought gifts before returning home, he found that vuvuzela was originally “made in China”, which made many colleagues lose interest in buying

the chaos and violence make people dare not go out

the world cup in Brazil is about to open, and the security issue of the world cup has been put on the agenda again. The Organizing Committee of the Brazil World Cup even printed the safety manual for media fans in advance. The reporter looked at it and found that it was the same as the South Africa World Cup four years ago, such as “don’t resist in case of robbery”, “take two or three hundred yuan in cash when you go out” and so on

South Africa is the country with the highest crime rate in the world. When the reporter first came to yoburg, the venue of the World Cup finals, and looked through the local Chinese newspapers, he found that most of the pages were full of violent news about street robbery and gang scuffles. At first, he didn’t think so, but in less than two days, everyone believed it

on June 8, 2010, a colleague of Anhui Xin’an evening news was robbed by black robbers with guns on the second day after arriving at yoburg, while the black driver was waiting for the traffic light on the way to the street, and his wallet and camera were all ransacked. According to the news, the interview group of the world cup of the national evening news had to strengthen the security measures, requiring that they should not go out alone, that at least two or three people should go out together, and that they must take the car driven by specially hired black drivers

a Fujian fellow surnamed Wei has been doing business in yoborg for many years. When he introduced the public security in South Africa, he said that in case of robbery here, don’t rely on the police, because the police and bandits that can only appear on TV really exist in yoborg. “The police in South Africa are all black. Most of them go on the road after work hours, but they don’t come to maintain traffic security, 1t’s looking for Chinese vehicles. After stopping them, they directly blackmail them with guns. Moreover, the price is two thousand rand (one Rand is equivalent to one yuan RMB). Experienced Chinese businessmen give one or two hundred to leave, while the Chinese who first come to South Africa are often forced to hand in the full amount. “

at the world cup, reporters can see rows of armored vehicles loaded with live ammunition before each game. The atmosphere is very terrifying and depressing. 1t feels that it is not the beginning of the game, but the precursor of the war. Fortunately, the world cup is finally over safely, and we have become “war reporters” without danger

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