Anti noise guard — sleep earplug

Recently, 1 have been listening to my friend’s complaint that 1 can’t sleep at night. When 1 asked her why, she hated her teeth and said, “it’s not the construction site of the building next to me, and you know my house is next to the train way. The sound at night, ah, intermittently, feels that 1 can’t sleep at night, and 1’m in a daze during the day.”

with the development of the city, high-rise buildings have sprung up. 1n order to rush the work, the construction site works overtime day and night, regardless of the life of the nearby residents. Such rush makes the sleep quality of most urban people seriously decline. At random, 1 said to my friend, “you can sleep with headphones.” she said, “do you think 1 haven’t used this trick before? 1’ve been sleeping with earplugs for two days at night, but when 1 wake up in the morning, it’s a pain. 1 dare not touch my ears at all.” Then she mentioned the anti noise earplug, she said: “the original anti noise earplug has a kind of sleep earplug, it is a kind of anti noise earplug.”

when 1 was bored, 1 went to Baidu online for a while, and it turned out that there were really sleep earplugs. After Taobao looked at them, there were more than 200 companies selling sleep earplugs. 1t is a kind of anti noise earplug (sound insulation earplug, anti noise earplug). Anti noise earplug is generally made of silicone or low pressure foam material, high elastic polyester material. After inserting the ear canal, it is in close contact with the external ear canal to isolate the sound from entering the middle and inner ears (eardrum), so as to achieve the purpose of sound insulation, so that people can get a quiet rest or working environment. The characteristics of sleep earplug are soft, comfortable and durable, higher quality requirements, more suitable for long-term wear and daily sleep use

because noise affects sleep, you can try sleeping earplugs. China labor protection website reminds you: wash your hands before use, gently press the earplugs for 30 seconds until they are fully expanded and set, and replace or clean the earplugs in time. Hearing health can not be ignored, should choose scientific methods to prevent the harm of noise, experts believe that: choose professional noise earplug is the most simple way, but for this kind of product, we must pay attention to the production material

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