Anti Parkinson tremor gloves developed in Spain

1n order to solve the problem of arm tremor in patients with Parkinson’s disease, Spanish researchers have developed a kind of intelligent glove that can alleviate tremor, which has entered the clinical trial stage

according to the press release issued by Madrid’s “University Hospital of October 12” on October 15, the robot bone glove controls tremor through a motion control system, sensors and a set of electrodes. 1t can distinguish whether arm tremor is normal activity or focus tremor, so as to effectively control tremor

the hospital has conducted clinical trials in 80 Parkinson’s patients aged 40 to 80. After wearing this special glove, both doctors and patients noticed a significant decrease in tremor. The glove provides an alternative to drugs and surgery for Parkinson’s patients, the communique said

it is reported that 10% of the population aged 59 to 89 in the world suffer from different degrees of Parkinson’s disease, and 65% of them are seriously affected in their daily life

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