Anti radiation clothing sold crazy on the 1nternet

in the shadow of Japan’s nuclear leakage accident, “anti radiation clothing” seems to have become a hot product in online shopping malls. The reporter learned from a website that the shops selling “anti radiation clothing” have become a hot spot of search, and the orders of an online shop in two days are more than 2000 pieces. Previously, the average daily sales volume of such protective clothing was only a single digit. Online shop owners said that most buyers are blind, many people just buy a peace of mind

“anti radiation clothing” orders soared

“from the day before yesterday, our daily shipment volume reached more than 1000 pieces.” Taobao a shop seller told reporters that he specialized in making protective equipment, usually have business contacts for enterprise manufacturers, such as hospitals, car beauty, chemical production enterprises, and in the previous sales ranking, masks, gloves and other medical products ranked in the top few, but from the day before yesterday, “nuclear radiation protective clothing” orders suddenly soared”‘ The characteristics of “nuclear radiation protective clothing” are to provide a variety of protection standards, including chemical liquids, radioactive particles, etc

the reporter saw on the online store page that the sales volume of the protective clothing in the online store has risen to the fifth place, with more than 1000 pieces sold. The sales time is mainly concentrated on March 16 and March 17. “This product is usually not popular, and the sales volume in the previous day is only a few dozen pieces, and most of the buyers are in the hazardous chemical industry. 1 didn’t expect that from the day before yesterday, Orders are in an endless stream. As of yesterday, two days’ orders have passed 2000. ” 1n order to cope with a large number of orders, the seller has urgently asked the manufacturer for goods, and the manufacturer is rushing to make finished products overnight to meet the demand of orders

for peace of mind, many people buy blindly

it is understood that most of the buyers come from coastal Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai and other places, and there are also many buyers in Jiangsu. Some people buy ten pieces at a time. But from the psychological point of view of the buyers, their behavior has greater blindness

an online shopper who bought seven pieces of protective clothing at a time bluntly said that he bought protective clothing to “buy peace of mind” and “although Japan’s nuclear leakage has not affected China, he is always worried. 1t’s not necessarily useful, but it’s safe to put it at home. ” Another buyer said that he saw the term “anti radiation” ranked in the forefront of online shopping mall search, and randomly click into the column of “nuclear protective equipment” to see that thousands of netizens have purchased “anti radiation clothing”, so he also bought a set from the public. As for its specific protective effect, how to maintain and use it, 1 don’t know at all, “people buy it, 1 also buy it, anyway, it won’t do harm to put it at home.”

maybe you can’t use it at all when you buy it back

“this kind of clothing is very professional, and ordinary people would not buy it in the past’ Not only is the maintenance of anti radiation clothing very important, but it is also complicated to use, and many buyers have not received any training in this field at all. ” The seller said that the anti radiation clothing they sell is made of microporous membrane and non-woven fabric, which needs to be maintained by professional equipment, while the buyer does not have such equipment at home” Many buyers think that they can use it all the time like ordinary clothes. This is a misunderstanding. 1n theory, the protective performance of such clothes will be worse and worse after one use. 1n other words, its service life is generally not long, which is of little significance to family buyers. “

some professionals believe that Japan’s nuclear leakage has not affected China at present, and anti radiation clothing is generally used in dangerous places that need close contact with radioactive substances, so these protective articles may not be used at all when they are bought back

Author: Liu Jinsong

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