Anti skid pad, a new product in the field of industrial safety protection

1n the field of industrial safety protection, when it comes to safety protection, many Chinese people only pay attention to personal safety protection articles such as safety shoes and helmets. 1n fact, in developed countries such as Europe, North America and Japan, in addition to personal protection, floor protection in factories and workshops is a very common phenomenon. 1n addition to preventing employees from falling, slipping and other safety accidents, floor protection is also a common phenomenon, The protection of the ground is also very important, because many factories use professional and expensive floor, in the process of use, for some specific areas, such as people often walk around, forklift often pass by, laying industrial anti-skid mat on the ground is one of the indispensable measures

in many processing and manufacturing workshops, it is inevitable that there are oil stains on the ground, which have a great impact on the walking safety of employees. At the same time, the oil stains will spread to every corner of the workshop with the movement of employees and forklifts, which will not only affect the working environment, but also bring more security risks; Factory employees wear safety shoes for a long time. The soles of safety shoes are generally thick and hard, so as to meet the requirements of wear resistance. Standing work with safety shoes for a long time will cause chronic diseases such as varicose veins, affect the comfort of employees and reduce work efficiency; At the same time, shower room is usually equipped inside the factory to let employees wash away the tiredness of the day after work. 1n this process, the ground in the shower room is very wet and slippery, which is easy to cause employees to fall down when they are tired

after investigation, the reporter found that there is a professional design, production and sales of industrial anti-skid mats brand named Anke in China. The brand draws on the successful experience of developed countries in Europe and America, develops a full range of products covering the industrial field in a very short time, and is favored by many international well-known companies, 1n particular, automobile, auto parts, energy, electronic factories and other industries have formed a strong brand advantage, and all these have just been concerned by domestic industrial safety protection practitioners. Through the reporter’s field investigation in East China, it is found that most factories have the demand for anti-skid floor, but they have been suffering from the lack of professional companies to pay attention to this market. The reporter hopes that more people can pay attention to this field and do some real work to improve the quality of employees’ working environment, 1t only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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