Anti static equipment should be provided for employees in winter

The cold air in winter brings cold and dry, but also brings a naughty little “devil” — static electricity. 1n order to prevent the harm of static electricity to human body and bring danger to work, the correct choice of wearing anti-static labor shoes, anti-static clothing, anti-static hat has become a necessary topic for enterprises. Here we need to make a detailed description of the causes, hazards and preventive measures of static electricity

in dry and cold winter, when the temperature is relatively low, the saturated vapor pressure of the air is relatively low. 1n addition to feeling dry, the water vapor content of the air is lower. The static electricity produced in this way is not easy to be conducted away through the water vapor in the air, and is easy to accumulate. So it’s easy to have static electricity

electrostatic phenomenon is considered to be the result of contact separation. When the contact separation occurs, there will be charge transfer, even for liquid

static electricity is a substance. 1n low humidity weather, chemical fiber underwear, carpets, cushions and wallpaper can generate static electricity when they are rubbed. 1n addition, the use of household appliances will also produce static effect or shell with static electricity< The first harm of static electricity is from the interaction of charged bodies when the aircraft body rubs with particles such as air, moisture and dust, it will make the aircraft electrified. 1f no measures are taken, it will seriously interfere with the normal operation of the aircraft radio equipment and make the aircraft deaf and blind; 1n the printing plant, the static electricity between the pages will make the pages stick together, difficult to separate, and bring trouble to the printing; 1n a pharmaceutical factory. Because static electricity attracts dust, the purity of drugs can not reach the standard; When the TV is put on, the static electricity on the screen surface is easy to absorb dust and oil, forming a layer of dust film, which reduces the clarity and brightness of the image; The dust, which is common on the blended clothes but not easy to be taken off, is also the ghost of static electricity. Due to the high insulation of materials, fast operation speed, surface charge not easy to lose and high static electricity, operators will feel electric shock when they touch them, which can make the material layer breakdown and affect the product quality. 1n the electronics industry, 1C, LCD, led, and other fine assembly lines, according to statistics, due to static electricity to the electronic device manufacturing industry, it will cause more than 20 billion dollars of losses every year

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