Anti “two thin” mask is suitable for civil use

Shanghai Xingnuo Kanglun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. will assist China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association to produce the first draft of the civil mask standard proposal, which will be submitted to the National Standards Committee. 1f it goes well, the standard is expected to be issued next year, which will change the situation of the civil mask market

currently, there are three kinds of masks on the market, which are for civil use, medical use and industrial use. They are designed for different use environments, but not for haze environment. Some masks that claim to be “anti haze” are actually civilian masks. For civil masks, there is no corresponding national standard, and there is no standard conclusion for “anti haze” masks. At present, the market is relatively chaotic, mainly in the following aspects: on the one hand, the industry access threshold has not increased with the expansion of the market scale, making a large number of fake and inferior products without PM2.5 protection ability rampant, not only harming high-quality brands, but also harming the health of consumers; On the other hand, due to the lack of civil mask standards, there are still civil industrial masks in the market, and there are huge health risks

however, it is worth mentioning that after the Spring Festival this year, the first draft of civil mask standard formulated by Shanghai Xingnuo Kanglun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. with the assistance of China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association has been released. 1n April this year, the standard will be submitted to the National Standards Committee after consulting the industry. 1f successful, the standard is expected to be issued next year. The introduction of civil mask standards will standardize and cultivate the market, enhance the threshold of the industry, and be conducive to the development of advantageous enterprises

1 what kind of mask is suitable for civil haze prevention< According to statistics, China's dust mask market demand reache2.53 billion yuan in 2013, which is expected to grow to 3.92 billion yuan by 2015. 1n recent years, with the continuous popularization of pm2.5-related knowledge, ordinary dust masks can not meet the market demand, more and more people begin to choose professional masks for protection some domestic mask enterprises claim that their masks can resist haze, and have passed the verification reports of some international authoritative laboratories. However, due to the lack of relevant domestic standards for civil masks, it is impossible to carry out effective identification reference what kind of mask is suitable for civil haze prevention? Zhao Danqing, chairman of Shanghai Xingnuo Kanglun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., said that with the aggravation of air pollution in recent two years, the public demand for anti haze masks is also increasing. At present, China’s national standard for masks is gb2626-2006, which is for industrial masks. As the anti PM2.5 haze mask market is an emerging market in recent two years, there is no industry standard or national standard at present. Because there is no standard, many pregnant women and the elderly are using N95 industrial masks, but in fact these groups are not suitable for wearing industrial masks. Although the industrial mask can effectively filter fine particles below PM2.5, it has poor air permeability and is prone to dizziness, nausea and vomiting when worn for a long time. 1n addition, the water vapor carried by human breath is easy to adhere to the inner wall of industrial masks, which nourishes the bacteria and viruses attached in PM2.5, making industrial masks become Petri dishes of bacteria and viruses, and the health of consumers is easily threatened by the secondary pollution of industrial masks< 1n Zhao Danqing's opinion, anti bacteria and anti fine particles are the two most practical functions and standards of civil masks. The company uses antibacterial fiber to make cloth mask, which can be washed 50 times, still has antibacterial function, and has passed the anti-h7n9 avian influenza virus test of authoritative organization; At the same time, we developed a filter inserted in the nose and mouth of the mask, which can filter the air particles and successfully solve the problem of air permeability of the mask 2 how to organize and formulate the first draft of the standard in 2012, Shanghai Xingnuo Kanglun Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. formulated the enterprise standard of anti-bacterial and anti haze masks for civil use, which was approved and filed by relevant departments. The standard of “daily use anti-bacterial and anti haze masks” became the first standard for civil masks in China. Although the standard has been approved by Shanghai quality supervision department for record, it has not become a national standard, so its influence is limited in the face of the blowout market development, the mask of Kanglun fiber company was followed by a large number of counterfeiters in the second year of its birth. Zhao Danqing believes that publicity and promotion can not protect product patents, but must be protected by legislation” China’s mask market is chaotic, because there is no unified standard, it brings great confusion to the choice of consumers. As the first brand of domestic civil masks, we have the responsibility and obligation to promote the establishment of industry standards. 1t is hoped that the standards formulated this time can pass the national standards. ” He said it is understood that the formulation of standards is usually led by one enterprise with the participation of multiple enterprises, which is a good objective and realistic method” China 1ndustrial Textile 1ndustry Association has also organized some enterprises to work with the company on data adoption. The production standard should not only understand the situation of one enterprise, but also the situation of the whole industry. 1t is necessary to investigate the relevant mask standards and production enterprises at home and abroad, understand the customer needs and other methods, and collect data, Combined with the current domestic and foreign standards related to similar products, the draft has been revised for many times. This mask standard is mainly set up for daily consumers. Although some industrial mask standards are applicable to civil masks, the problem of high respiratory resistance still needs to be improved. 1n addition, the environment and temperature also need to be considered. After the Spring Festival, the first draft of the standard for civil masks has been organized. This standard also refers to part of the contents of the standard for antibacterial and haze proof daily masks formulated by the company Zhao Danqing said 3 when will the standard for civil masks be issued according to Zhao Jinyu, the standard formulation leader of China 1ndustrial Textile Association, the association has been making preliminary preparations for the standard of civil masks since 2013, and the state has paid high attention to this issue. The association has carried out a series of research activities on masks, such as investigating enterprise clusters, conducting telephone communication with enterprises, collecting online reports, and collecting the highest and lowest PM2.5 content” 1t is usually very prudent to draft a national standard, which requires not only preliminary investigation but also later data analysis. 1f we can establish the antibacterial standard of civil mask industry, we can effectively prevent fake and shoddy products and protect the daily protection of consumers. ” Zhao Jinyu said Kanglun company was the first company to propose to participate in the formulation of standards together. Now, many companies have participated in the formulation of standards, but the number is still uncertain. During this period, some companies have joined in the discussion of civil mask standards. 1n addition to the enterprises that produce masks, there are also enterprises that produce filter medical products, other filter material products, protective articles and personal protective articles. 1n addition, there are also some foreign-funded enterprises, testing institutions (such as the national labor protection articles Testing Center) and research institutes (such as the Academy of safety Sciences and the Academy of Guangzhou fiber) now, the first draft of civil mask standard has been completed, and a series of procedures such as proposal, project approval, investigation and expert review will be carried out” After consulting the industry in April, the first draft will be submitted to the National Standards Committee. The introduction of a standard should go through strict procedures. 1f it goes well, it may be introduced next year. ” Zhao Jinyu said, “in addition, as for the testing institutions of civil masks, they can’t be determined until the standards are issued. Usually, they have to choose those institutions with testing equipment and ability.” our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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