anti vibration performance and selection of anti vibration gloves

Anti vibration gloves are personal protective equipment specially used for contacting vibration, such as using hand-held vibration tools (such as chainsaw, rock drill, electric hammer, air pick, etc.) in forestry, mining, construction, transportation and other departments to prevent vibration occupational disease “white finger syndrome”. The anti vibration gloves should meet the requirements of general technical conditions for anti vibration gloves (ld2-1991)

1. performance requirements of anti vibration gloves:

(1) the thickness of anti vibration structure layer of gloves shall not exceed 7mm< (2) the anti vibration performance of gloves should meet the requirements of table 6-19< The structure of br/>
anti vibration gloves is mainly to absorb some vibration on the palm surface by adding certain thickness of foam plastics, latex and air interlayer. The thicker the liner is, the more the air content is, the better the damping effect is. However, when the palmar and finger surfaces are too thick, the hand movement will be hindered and the operation will be affected

two, the choice of anti vibration gloves are fastidious.

anti vibration gloves are based on glove gloves and leather gloves, and absorb vibration by adding some thickness of foam plastics, latex and air interlayer synthetic rubber or foam rubber in the palm of the glove. 1n the cold environment, the above materials can also be added to the cold proof gloves to have the anti vibration effect. The anti vibration gloves shall comply with the general technical conditions for anti vibration gloves (LD 2-1991). For example, the thickness of anti vibration structure layer shall not exceed 7mm, and certain attenuation value shall be achieved for vibration of different frequencies. According to different materials, anti vibration gloves can be divided into the following different types

(1) rubber tube type, that is, a fixed rubber tube made of natural rubber is set between each joint of finger and palm, which has the advantages of vibration absorption, bending, heat insulation and heat resistance, and is widely used

(2) sponge type, that is, the sponge is installed in the palm. 1f the sponge is thick, it can improve the effect of vibration absorption, but if it is too thick, the resistance of the bending part will increase, which will hinder the operation, so it needs to be selected according to the work requirements

(3) air eye type, this kind of glove has small mass and good working performance, but if it is damaged due to external force, its vibration absorption performance will be reduced, so it is not suitable for destructive work. The air eye and sponge share the same type. The air eye is easy to be damaged under the action of external force. This situation can be effectively prevented by adding Shanghai sponge. 1t is characterized by high vibration absorption performance and easy to use. Air type, this kind of glove is filled with air by professional air pump, and its performance is very superior. But if the air is too full, it’s easy to crack, so it’s best to fill it to 70%

(4) circular rubber type. This kind of gloves is to cut short the rubber tube like the suction cup of octopus and install it on the nylon gloves. Only in this way can some degree of vibration be avoided. 1f you wear leather gloves, the effect will be more obvious

(5) even if two gloves are overlapped, the anti elasticity is very small after being compressed, and the effect of vibration absorption is also very small, which can not get the expected effect. When choosing anti vibration gloves, you should choose larger or slightly loose gloves. When using anti vibration gloves, if the palm part is worn, damaged, or the anti vibration material leaks out, it should be replaced in time

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