Antiskid standard of safety shoes

1nitiated by the foot and shin Protection Committee of European Union Technical Committee for Standardization (CEN / tc161), with the cooperation of personal protective clothing, safety equipment (1SO / tc94) and foot protection safety (SC3) Technical Committee, the test method of anti sliding in the standard EN 1SO 20345:2004 of personal protective equipment safety shoes adopts 1SO 13287:2006, The original standard number is revised to EN 1SO 20345:2004 / A1:2007. 1n this standard, the test condition of anti sliding is to test the anti sliding on the ceramic tile interface of sodium dodecyl sulfate solution and on the steel plate interface of glycerin respectively. 1f the former test passes, it can be marked as SRA; if the latter test passes, it can be marked as SRB; if both tests pass, it can be marked as Src. The specific test indexes are as follows:

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