application and characteristics of oil remover for equipment surface

The cleaning of oil stains on the surface of equipment is an important link in industrial production, and the maintenance of mechanical equipment is inseparable from the correct cleaning. Because the working environment of mechanical equipment is different, the oil on the surface of mechanical equipment is also large. 1f the oil is not cleaned up in time, it will affect the next process and the processing quality of products

nowadays, most people know the importance of oil and yellow robe cleaning in machine tool maintenance, but they still use gasoline and kerosene for cleaning. As dangerous chemicals, gasoline and kerosene are used to clean the oil stains on the surface of machine tools and equipment. There are some potential safety hazards. At present, the state has paid more and more attention to the environmental protection and safety of industrial enterprises. Many enterprises that fail to meet the standards have been ordered to shut down. 1t has become an urgent task for many enterprises to find environmentally friendly and safe Huangpao cleaning agent. What are the advantages and uses of Huangpao degreaser on the surface of Lanfei environmental protection equipment

three advantages:

1. Fast and effortless cleaning

Lanfei Huangpao cleaning agent has strong penetration ability to oil stains on the surface of mechanical equipment, which can quickly dissolve the surface stains and peel them off

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