Application of oil resistant, water repellent and breathable professional clothing in food industry

1. The development and application trend of oil resistant and water repellent breathable fabric

moisture absorbing and sweat wicking fabric is usually called “moisture wicking fabric” or “moisture absorption persistence fabric”. Moisture absorption and perspiration fiber generally has a high specific surface area, there are many pores or grooves on the surface, and its cross-section is generally special shaped. By using capillary effect, the fiber can quickly absorb moisture and sweat on the skin surface, and transmit it to the outer hair band through diffusion

the fabric made of moisture absorption and perspiration fabric is widely used in sportswear, outdoor, tourism and leisure clothing, underwear and other fields because of its light weight, moisture conductivity, quick drying, cool, no ironing and other excellent characteristics, which is deeply loved by consumers. 1ts main feature is the silver ion antibacterial principle

silver ion is a kind of antibacterial material or substance. Generally speaking, it is the adverse effects and consequences of certain materials on the vitality of microorganisms. The most concentrated performance is to affect the growth, reproduction and death of microorganisms. That is to say, it can inhibit the growth, reproduction or killing of microorganisms

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