Application of safety helmet identification system in construction site safety management

The construction industry is a high-risk construction industry, and it is also one of the departments with the highest incidence of occupational safety accidents in China. 1n recent years, people who enter the construction site without safety helmet are often injured by the construction materials, resulting in huge casualties and causing different degrees of economic and property losses to the construction enterprises

throughout the reasons, on the one hand, the safety responsibility is not clear, the safety supervision and management system is not perfect, on the other hand, the internal management of construction enterprises is weak, especially the construction site management has loopholes, the lack of effective safety protection measures, and the responsibility is not implemented. 1n order to solve this problem, it is not good to rely on traditional methods. We should keep pace with the times and use the new safety helmet recognition system to solve this big problem, so as to truly achieve pre-warning, normal detection and standardized management

faced with a series of problems, such as complex construction personnel, tight construction period, poor working environment, many hazards in the construction process, low safety awareness of operators and so on. The safety helmet recognition system can automatically detect whether people wear safety helmets, and effectively prevent safety production accidents in high-risk enterprises such as construction sites, electric power, coal mines, petrochemicals, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. without manual intervention, the intelligent management of safety production can be realized. 1ntelligent video analysis combined with the most advanced deep learning technology has the characteristics of high recognition rate, strong compatibility and stable performance. 1t can be used in more industries to integrate CMS, ERP, Bim and realize more rich and intelligent applications of the 1nternet of things

with the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, the use of helmet recognition system is conducive to saving labor costs, and it is impossible for managers to stay in the monitoring room 24 hours a day to watch the monitoring, let alone know the first time when problems occur on the construction site. The safety helmet recognition system can store the alarm screenshot and video without safety helmet in the server database in time, including time, place, alarm screenshot, alarm video, etc. to form report information, which is convenient for personnel safety management. The safety helmet identification system can replace human resources, which can not only work all year round, but also stick to the post without favoritism and malpractice, which strengthens the deterrent effect and completely eliminates the fluke mentality of front-line operators

the safety helmet recognition system is based on intelligent video analysis and deep learning technology, which has the advantages of high recognition rate, fast deployment, simple operation, real-time monitoring, recognition and early warning. The real-time performance and accuracy are at the leading level in the domestic industry, with strong compatibility, stable performance, and can be integrated with more industries, realizing more intelligent applications of the 1nternet of things

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