Are activated carbon masks suitable for all work environments?

This is a common misconception of Chinese people. 1f your workplace is not polluted by organic gas, stench, or toxic dust, you should avoid using particulate filter masks with activated carbon filter layer to save your expenses

the main function of activated carbon filter layer is to adsorb organic gas, odor and toxic dust. 1t is not used to filter dust, but to filter fine dust mainly by ultra-fine fiber electrostatic filtration (mellow). Therefore, if your workplace only contains the pollution of fine dust, please use the dust special micro particle filter mask that meets the international certification quality. 1t is economical and comfortable to breathe. You don’t need to spend more money to buy the activated carbon micro particle filter mask with high unit price and high respiratory resistance. Of course, if your workplace contains organic gas, odor, toxic dust and other pollutants, 1 sincerely remind you to use activated carbon particle filter mask to reduce the chance of toxic substances damaging your body organs and ensure your health

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