As a high-risk worker, how to choose labor protection supplies, and what are the labor protection supplies included?

Labor insurance supplies refer to a kind of defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process, and play a very important role in reducing occupational hazards. How to choose labor insurance products as high-risk workers? What labor insurance products are included? One, Head selection labor insurance products include: 1. Safety helmet 2. Safety helmet accessories 3. Light anti-collision cap 4. Work cap 5. Disposable hair cap 6. Fire helmet, etc.

Two, Eye and face labor insurance Products include: 1. Protective glasses 2. Goggles 3. Protective face screen 4. Lens cleaning products

Three, breathing and hearing protection labor protection products: 1. Earplugs 2. Earmuffs 3. Protective masks 4. Protective masks 5. Electric air supply respiratory protection system 6. Long tube air supply respiratory protection system 7. Self-contained air breathing apparatus 8. Mobile air supply source 9. Air pump 10. Escape breathing apparatus

4. Departmental protective labor protection supplies: 1. Mechanical gloves 2. Disposable gloves 3. General gloves 4. Sleeves 5. Cold-proof gloves 6. Insulation gloves 7. Cut-resistant gloves 8. Chemical-proof gloves 9. Insulated gloves 10. Special-purpose gloves 11. Glove accessories

Five, body protection 1. Work clothes 2. Cold work clothes 3. Anti-static work clothes 4. Flame retardant work clothes 5. Protective clothing 6. Fire protection and heat insulation clothing

Six, Foot protection 1. Administrative shoes 2. Shoe covers 3. Safety shoes 4. Safety boots 5. Labor insurance shoes

Seven: other labor protection supplies limit tether, fall brake, fall protection suit, seat belt, cushion Tethers/belts, connectors and accessories, rope grabs, safety ropes, confined space rescue products, escape rescue devices, welding helmets, welding masks, welding protective foot covers, welding glasses, welding masks, welding gloves, welding protective clothing, Welding shields, anti-static products, clean room consumables, etc.

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