Ask leaders to put on safety helmets

on August 27, the air at the construction site of xinanpeng tunnel in Yangquan City, Shanxi Province was very fresh

at about 16:00, several people with special identities came to the exit of the tunnel. The words “Sun Expressway Management Office” can be seen from the signs on their clothes and safety helmets

at this time, Lin Lian, who was standing inside the warning line at the tunnel entrance, wearing a white safety helmet, a safety vest, a “safety officer” sign on his arm, and a red folder in his hand, rushed over and asked, “where are you from, please?”

one of the team leaders told Lin Lian: “1 am the leader of the construction management department, leading the personnel of the quality supervision station to inspect the work.”

“welcome, welcome. However, it is stipulated in the safety management of tunnel construction that all external personnel should register before entering the tunnel, wear safety helmets, and wear masks when blowing guns or mucking out of the tunnel, and then be accompanied by the team leader on duty for inspection. “

the visitor nodded in agreement with the young man’s words. The following words are like “making trouble” for him: “we are the Party A of the project, and 1 am the one who inspects and supervises you. 1 don’t sign, 1 don’t wear a helmet, and 1 don’t want your captain on duty to accompany me. Today 1’m going into the tunnel to have a look. “

Lin Lian can see that these people are obviously “promising”. So he said slightly nervously, “please understand that the instructions for tunnel entry must be observed by all tunnel entry personnel, which is the basis for ensuring safe construction and personal safety of all tunnel entry personnel. Going through the relevant procedures in the tunnel, wearing safety helmets and being accompanied by the team leader on duty are the protection for the personal safety of all leaders and the need to ensure safe construction. “

we all laughed, and the visitors also showed their identity. They were Ge Junxiang, deputy director of the construction and Management Department of Shanxi Taiyang expressway, accompanied by experts and management personnel in construction safety and quality. Ge Junxiang said, “young man, you are right! The implementation of safety management system is like this, no matter who must abide by it. 1f we dare not take charge of the leaders who come to inspect, there must be a great potential safety hazard in this construction site. “

with that, the visitors went through the relevant procedures, put on their safety helmets and walked into the tunnel under construction

correspondent Zheng Chuanhai

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