astronaut meeting media China’s new astronaut costume debuts

on the morning of the 16th, astronauts Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong, who were carrying out the shenzhou-11 manned mission, were full of spirit and dressed in new autumn and winter suits for astronauts, meeting the media for the first time in Wentiange, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. This is the first appearance of astronaut series clothing

the reporter learned from China astronaut center that this autumn and winter suit is one of the series of ground suits for astronauts. For the future space mission, since May 2015, China astronaut center has organized and carried out the series design of special clothing for astronauts, mainly including on orbit series clothing, ground series clothing and clothing accessories

Xi Linbin, deputy director of the spacesuit Engineering Research Office of the center, said that in the series design of the special clothing for astronauts, the clothing’s wearing occasions, functions, beauty, comfort and Ergonomics requirements were fully considered, and many demonstrations were carried out from the aspects of art design and material selection, so as to effectively display the good image and professional characteristics of astronauts

according to the introduction, the main color of the autumn and winter suits for this show is the traditional blue series of aerospace, and the combination design of different deep and light blue series comes from the tonal elements of skyline and space. The blue “V” pattern on the chest means the complete success of the mission and shows the majestic and solemn temperament of the astronauts. The mid thick woolen fabric is used in autumn and winter clothing, which has good wrinkle recovery and is suitable for the warmth and appearance requirements of clothing

the reporter saw at the meeting that the two astronauts’ left upper arm is equipped with China’s manned space project logo, the right upper arm is equipped with Shenzhou 11 manned mission logo, the right chest top-down is the astronaut logo, name plate and space flight honor logo, and the left chest top-down is the national flag and mission badge. Since Jing Haipeng has carried out Shenzhou-7 and shenzhou-9 missions, his space flight honor mark is decorated with two five pointed stars, and he wears the mission insignia of Shenzhou-7 and shenzhou-9 on his left chest(Science and technology daily)

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