Attention, drivers! This national standard is coming out soon

Yesterday, the National Standardization Management Committee issued a notice saying that the draft of the national standard “reflective vest for car occupants” drafted by the Traffic Management Science Research 1nstitute of the Ministry of public security has been completed. 1n accordance with the relevant requirements of the measures for the administration of national standards, opinions are now solicited

the national standard “reflective vest for automobile passengers” (Draft for comments) takes pertinence, safety and universality as the main principles, and puts forward the technical requirements of reflective vest from the aspects of appearance quality, style requirements, production requirements, safety requirements, material performance and clothing performance

the deadline for feedback is March 15, 2018

in road traffic safety management, more and more attention is paid to the road safety protection needs of drivers and passengers. Through the configuration of special reflective vest on the car, the visibility of the passengers after getting off the car can be effectively improved, and the road traffic safety of the passengers can be guaranteed. At the same time, according to the mandatory national standard “technical conditions for safety in operation of motor vehicles” (GB 7258-2017) implemented on January 1, 2018: “vehicles (except three wheeled vehicles without cab) shall be equipped with a reflective vest”. 1n order to guide the design, production and selection of reflective vests for automobile passengers, it is necessary to formulate technical standards for products, further standardize the style, safety and performance of products, and ensure that reflective vests play an effective role in safety protection

in order to ensure the safety of vehicle drivers and passengers and reduce the occurrence of secondary accidents, the Traffic Management Science Research 1nstitute of the Ministry of public security, together with Daoming optics Co., Ltd., has established a standard project team, which is based on the technical conditions for safety in operation of motor vehicles (GB 7258-2017) and reflective vest for police uniform (GA 446-2003) According to the relevant technical requirements of “protective clothing at the scene of road traffic accident” (GA / T 1045-2012), “high visibility warning clothing for occupation” (GB 20653-2006), the standard is formulated

“reflective vest for automobile occupant” national standard main formulation principles

1. Pertinence principle

the performance requirements of reflective vest should be designed according to the use environment, fully considering the vehicle storage environment and actual road use environment, to ensure the reliable use of products

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