Automatic wear and take off shoes won national patent

when visiting relatives and friends, you have to change shoes as soon as you enter other people’s home, which is very inconvenient. This difficult problem in daily life was solved by a doctor who likes to invent. He figured out a kind of shoes that can be worn and taken off automatically. Not long ago, the invention won the patent certificate issued by the State 1ntellectual Property Office

yesterday, the reporter met Huang Xugang, the inventor of “shoes that can be worn and taken off automatically” and a doctor from the staff hospital of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences< According to Huang Xugang, there are air bags under the insole and in the upper of this kind of "automatic putting on and taking off shoes". The air bag under the insole is connected with the receiving air bag of the buckle belt through the air passage, and the air bag in the upper is also connected with the releasing air bag through another air passage. When the foot is put in and steps on the insole, the air in the air bag under the insole is squeezed into the receiving air bag through the air passage. With the continuous expansion of the receiving air bag, the buckle close to the surface of the receiving air bag is gradually tightened and buckled on the shoe buckle, so that the shoe is fixed on the foot when it is necessary to take off shoes, as long as the two feet are close together and squeeze the upper air bag in the inner upper of the foot, the gas will be squeezed into the release air bag through the air passage. With the expansion of the release air bag, the release device will be pushed to the shoe buckle to release the buckle; Under the action of the elastic retraction structure, the upper and buckle return to the unused state, so that the upper and buckle are completely separated, and the foot can be easily taken out Huang Xugang said that if the shoes are bigger, they can be used as “automatic on / off” shoe covers, which is very convenient

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