avoid hand injuries and use Qihua “good employee” gloves

Hand injury can be classified into physical injury, chemical injury, mechanical injury and biological injury. Among them, mechanical injury is the most common. The mechanical injury of hand can be divided into closed injury and open injury. The former can affect bones, joints and tendons, and sometimes nerves; The latter is more serious, which will cause massive bleeding and affect other parts, and the treatment is more complicated. The degree of hand injury varies greatly, depending on the factors and process of injury

the most common injuries at work are cuts and stabs. Mild cuts only damage skin tissue, severe cuts can damage other tissues, and even cause partial or complete amputation; The stab injury is more serious because there may be foreign bodies in the wound. The healing of open hand injury is closely related to the degree of hand smudging. Generally speaking, injuries in chemical plants, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants and leather products factories are prone to infection and other complications

due to the widespread use of high-pressure spray and spray equipment in modern industry, the accidents caused by injecting injuries in the hands increased significantly. This kind of situation can be seen in internal combustion engine, spray gun, grease injection gun, plastic injection molding machine and some special equipment for auto repair. 1f the spray does not strike the skin along the tangent direction, it will not lead to skin cracking. At the beginning, it is only stinging, and it is often ignored. 1t will not be serious until the pain is aggravated due to local ischemia. Sometimes, even if the injection quantity is not large enough to cause local ischemia, but after a few days, there will be thermal or chemical stimulation. As the spray contains solvents, it may cause systemic poisoning symptoms

hand burns can be caused by fire, red body, hot air flow, chemicals or electric shock. The degree of injury depends on the contact time, burn area and depth. Due to the frequent occurrence of such injuries, sometimes they can be very serious. Although there is no trauma, the skin damage caused by exposure to toxic, irritating or allergic chemicals can not be ignored. 1t is one of the three major ways of occupational poisoning

the measures to protect hands are as follows: first, when designing and manufacturing equipment and tools, it is necessary to give full consideration to safety protection and equip them with relatively complete protection measures. The second is to formulate and improve safety operation procedures reasonably and improve safety prevention facilities. For example, the dangerous parts of the equipment should be equipped with protective cover, the heat source and radiation should be shielded, and the handle should be equipped with reasonable hand tools. 1f the above-mentioned measures still can not effectively avoid accidents, personal protective equipment can be considered. Taicang Qihua knitwear Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and selling “good employee” brand point bead series, gluing series, anti cutting series and high temperature resistant series gloves, which are the best choice for hand protection

there are almost no jobs. The hand is like a delicate tool, with amazing power and flexibility, able to grasp, rotate, pinch and manipulate. 1n fact, the connection between hand and brain is the key to human being’s ability to do all kinds of high skilled jobs. However, if you ignore the basic safety rules at home or at work, your hands will have a big problem

no matter where you work or play, there are three types of hand injuries: traumatic injury after an accident, contact injury caused by exposure to toxic substances, and repetitive activity problems caused by overuse of a certain group of muscles

traumatic injuries include abrasions, lacerations (cuts), contusions, fractures and crush injuries. Traumatic injuries usually occur when machines and tools are used carelessly. Contact damage occurs when your hands come into contact with harmful substances, such as detergents or chemicals. Burns can also cause contact injuries. Repetitive movement problems occur in tasks that require long periods of repetitive hand use

identifying the risk factors and formulating relevant safety measures can reduce the chance of 500000 hand injuries every year. The chance of hand injury should be minimized, and hand safety requires collaboration. What we need to do is learn the basic safety rules and follow them

the occurrence of hand injury accidents is often caused by the hidden danger of accidents in the production work, and it is impossible to have accidents without reason. There are potential safety hazards in four aspects: human unsafe behavior, unsafe state of goods, adverse environmental impact and lack of management

the occurrence of hand injury accidents may be caused by the lack of safety awareness of the person in charge of the enterprise, the lack of pragmatism in safety work, the lack of conscientious implementation, the operator’s lack of rules and regulations, or the management confusion. The person in charge of the enterprise has not really implemented all kinds of organizational and technical measures of the state in the aspect of labor protection, there are behaviors of attaching importance to production and neglecting safety, and there is a serious absence of enterprise management, which leads to the imperfection or nihility of the safety management system; Even the production workshops and assembly lines of many enterprises have not established and improved the operation regulations, rules and complete safety protection measures, or even if there are safety operation regulations and rules, their management personnel just stay in words, make superficial remarks, deal with the inspection, and do not strengthen the safety production management

many enterprises have outdated equipment, aging machines, inadequate maintenance, poor working environment and careless safety inspection; The safety education and training are not in place and formalistic. The employees work when they are not familiar with the safety operation procedures, rules and regulations, machinery and equipment, and only rely on their own knowledge to take risks or operate blindly. The employees are used to this kind of situation. They are paralyzed, indifferent and have no sense of danger, There is a fluke mentality, in order to save time and effort, disobeying rules and regulations, illegal operation, operational errors, resulting in hand injury accidents

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