Baisha village, Yichuan County: skillfully playing the “glove processing” card, speeding up the targeted poverty alleviation

Yesterday, in the industrial poverty alleviation workshop of Baisha village, Baisha Town, Yichuan County, villagers were busy processing Pu antistatic gloves

the poverty alleviation workshop adopts the mode of “cooperative + enterprise + farmer”. At present, it drives more than 30 poor people, and its products are mainly sold to Germany and Brazil. 1t produces 500000 pairs of gloves per month according to the supply requirements, which can only complete 60% of the supply requirements. 1n 2018, the village will increase capital investment, build 5000 square meters of factory buildings, support 100 poor households to join the enterprise to share dividends, and support 100 people to work in enterprises, so that more poor households can benefit from the industrial development(Luoyang Daily reporter Chang Shifeng correspondent Ge Gaoyuan Dong Junfeng photo)

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