Bamboo safety helmet in Fangdao town of Jian’ou city is highly praised and sold well all over the country

on the 15th, in the workshop of Chaoyang hat industry Co., Ltd., Fangdao Town, Jian’ou City, workers were busy producing bamboo safety helmets and seizing the time to assemble and deliver them

taking advantage of local resources, Chaoyang hat industry Co., Ltd. has developed plastic lined combined bamboo safety helmet and rain proof bamboo safety helmet by adopting traditional bamboo production method, rinsing, mould proof and mothproof technology. The new product effectively integrates the advantages of bamboo safety helmet and plastic safety helmet. 1t is light, breathable, comfortable to wear, and has no dull feeling. 1t overcomes the disadvantages of bulky plastic safety helmet, poor air permeability, and easy for users to feel chest tightness, dizziness and even skin allergy under high temperature, 1t has become the only bamboo safety helmet manufacturer that has passed the examination and certification of the State Administration of work safety and the State Bureau of quality and technology supervision. 1ts products are highly praised by construction and installation, railway maintenance, high-altitude cleaning, forest harvesting, wharf handling and other industries, and are exported to more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Xinjiang, 1nner Mongolia, Jilin and Heilongjiang

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