Bangladesh finally gives textile workers a raise

after more than two months of demonstrations by textile workers in Bangladesh, the “wage committee” temporarily composed of representatives from the government, garment manufacturers and trade unions finally decided on the 27th to adjust the minimum wage of garment workers, from the current 1662.5 Taka (about 162 yuan) per month to 3000 Taka (about 291 yuan) per month, an increase of 80%

with the increasing labor costs in China, Vietnam and other countries, many well-known Western low-end clothing brands have moved their factories to Bangladesh, where the wage level is lower, making the textile industry an important economic pillar of the country. Last month, Bangladesh’s textile exports reached $1.072 billion, the highest monthly export record in 40 years. However, the living standard of 3 million Bangladeshi textile workers has not improved, but has a downward trend

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